Day #16: Developing Characters

Writers are strange creatures. We write novels in reverse and if anyone looked in our search history, they might be worried about us. We look up all kinds of strange facts, stories, and CSI like details. Our heads are filled with fantasy worlds, creatures, and sci-like inventions that don’t exist in our world right now.

No matter where our research pages take our fingers, no matter how far away our minds travel, we can always rely on the basic elements of story building. We use them like building blocks that we can order and unorder to get the voice of our story right.

Day #16 is going to take one of those building blocks and add a few more layers. We don’t peel an onion. Writers build them. We wrote our character sketches, added some more layers, but we’re not done. As the story progresses so do our characters.

Review what you have and develop your characters some more. One element or layer a day. Really sit down and think about where they need to be by the end of your story. This usually involves a life altering event, a change in the way they view their world, something that can’t be undone. How are you going to get them there?

I find that even steamy romance characters still need some character development. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like there’s something missing if it’s all lust and nothing else. Maybe I’m greedy as a writer, a reader because I want it all. I a story, a reason why, to go along with those steamy scenes.

Heroes have moments that test them, challenge, and change them. A jerk of a character can experience something that makes them change the way they see other people. An anti-hero suddenly becomes a hero because of these moments. These are the moments when characters have to make decisions that could save or leave someone behind.

Which pieces of your character are you going to share and when? We’re adding the layers that will slowly peel for the reader. Have fun working on your characters today and then let it go.

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~Yoon Ju

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