Christmas Dinner Parties

Last night was our first mini get-together with old work friends to exchange stories of co-workers of Christmas past. Our table was a little different this year because the past few we weren’t able to get together for everyone’s health and safety. This year was our first time seeing each other after many of us moved on to new work places and companies. There wasn’t pressure to exchange gifts. We just simply shared a meal together and tried to get caught up with where everyone was and where we ran into other people we’ve worked with over the years.

Apparently, one person who couldn’t make but shall remain nameless died their hair green. Another took up a new job at a grocery store and those who knew him laughed because he was a mad packer in the shipping department. Picture an angry bird with shipping tape and large boxes. We all hope he goes a little easier on the groceries for the customer’s sake. Of course, our conversation went through the “interesting” people we’ve worked with that had a different way of going about life and work.

There was one moment where I paused because I thought of an old co-worked who passed away at the started about 3 years ago. One morning, he just never showed up for work and we had to send the authorities to do a welfare check. He passed away suddenly as he got ready for work. That was a sad time for everyone because we all used to go out to eat together at one of his favorite restaurants that he always chose for the group. He was very large sized Gus mouse from Cinderella. I don’t know if the tradition of gathering for dinners every once in a while would have started without him. So, a cheers to his memory again this year.

We must have missed each other because we all hugged each other as we left the restaurant. We wished each other Merry Christmas and went our separate ways until our next dinner together. Then, it was a quick trip to the store and back home for a wrapping frenzy. The tape gun screeched and the wrapping paper crumpled as we raced to get everything wrapped before Christmas. It’s a little early but I like to leave Christmas Eve day for a quiet and relaxing morning together before houses fill with family.

We’ll see if we sneak out for a quiet lunch together on Friday. It’s a tradition my mom and I started when I was in High School because dad was always working, and we didn’t want to cook because we were busy making the food to the evening. After being in the kitchen working on holiday Hors d’oeuvres, it always felt nice to have someone else serve hot food and pour drinks.

I hope you get some quiet time to share a meal that no one has to cook in the next few days. Just sit and spend time together. Unwind. For once, no writing prompts. Those come after Christmas.

Until Tomorrow! My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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