Classroom Notes

Who needs a comedian when you have a husband who started following dad joke channels on YouTube or subscribe to jokes of the day. Whenever he learns a new one, he asks, “want to hear what I heard today?”, upon entering the car when I pick him up from work. I always say yes andContinue reading “Classroom Notes”

Class Time Again

I have no idea if we’re going to continue to get all seasons in one day up here in Minnesota, but I’m layered for all the changes. While out thermostats fluctuate I start to think of summer humidity survival. My body sleeps better in the cold and I always picture myself sleeping on an iceContinue reading “Class Time Again”

Funny Titles

I stepped outside the other day and almost turned around to go hide under my blankets as soon as I saw some white fluffy stuff falling onto the ground. No lambs crossed the Wisconsin border to have a sheering party in my backyard. Spring is supposed to be here but this is Minnesota and itContinue reading “Funny Titles”

Finding Humor

“Writing is rewriting.” David Sedaris How is your comedy week going? Still struggling or just not having a good week? The best thing to do when you’re stuck is to look at other references or examples. I went to one of my go-to resources and watched a MasterClass by David Sedaris and right away hisContinue reading “Finding Humor”

Adulting Writers

My intentions at the start of this week were to be as productive with my time, as every week is but my writer mind get distracted by other people’s stories. Having enough time to read new authors and write, mixed in with other interests makes daily choices difficult. At the start of each day IContinue reading “Adulting Writers”

Animal Behavior

We touched on some fantasy ideas yesterday but what if our hero isn’t all human, or human at all? Those who writer about shifters and beasts that don’t exist understand the question. Themes like human and animals have existed in all native cultures. There was no separation between man, animal, and nature. The earth andContinue reading “Animal Behavior”

Miniature Fantasy

My world is still miniature this week as I spend time surrounded by my art supplies and needle tools. Trying to make things the size of a fingertip or smaller take more time that big sculptures. All this creating got me thinking about literary worlds. This week, Alice must have taken a drink of theContinue reading “Miniature Fantasy”

Marching Out

I’m ready to march out of this month and into a warmer month. Our yo-yo weather that happens when season begin to change really do give us cabin fever in Minnesota. When we think it’s going to warm up, it snows the next day. Those who don’t live here will think they’ve moved somewhere extremeContinue reading “Marching Out”


Remember, that writing prompt that I shared about a Fae Warrior world? Well, I feel torn between two worlds. My head is going back and forth between the Fae and the granddaughter in Paris. I feel like I’m in a literary tennis match. I don’t know which muse will win. One thing I’ve learned overContinue reading “Torn”

Cozy Places

My days that I took off for self-care and more naps returned me to an place that I found with my husband more than 5 years ago. Had it been that long? I love neighborhood places and one that has a bakery is at the top of my list. Tucked away in a corner ofContinue reading “Cozy Places”

Irish Cooking Day

Inflation or not, I had to check the fridge again for my corned beef and cabbage. My mom’s only secret ingredient is adding lots of butter during holidays. I call it pats of love. That salty meat is getting lots of love this week and so is that cabbage. I’m one who thinks any kindContinue reading “Irish Cooking Day”

Secret Rendezvous

Friday is here and I have a date with a few books. Instead of a night out in a fancy dress and heels, I’m curling up with popcorn and few good books. I need to return to my story bubble to get back into the novel I started to rework at the beginning of theContinue reading “Secret Rendezvous”