Sisterly Love

Do you every have those moments when you think back to a childhood memory that annoyed you? I think of the times when my sister thought it was cute to squeeze my chubby cheeks as a child. She used to do the “look at those chubby cheeks” in a way that made steam come out of ears.

I kept thinking about how much I hated that as a child, then I turned to my husband and did it to him. Guess what? He finds it just as annoying so I keep doing it just to annoy him. I mean, you have to keep the playful spirit between couples going, right?

I suppose it doesn’t help that both of us have those Asian heritage roots that do give us both full and rounded cheeks. I see moms doing this to their children in Kdramas and the children always pull away with the same look on their face as my husband. I guess I see why they do it. His cheeks just look so round, cute, and plump that I have to do it too.

Do you have any habits that drives your partner nuts but do it anyway? Well, at least he’ll remember me for something. Not to mention that I play the Korean nose game with him too. That really gets him. Of course, anyone with a larger nose used to amaze me as a child. I used to want one of those too but it wouldn’t fit well between my rounded cheeks, and I would look like an odd bird.

I’ve grown to love my small Asian nose and his too. I just need to remind him once in a while that someone else loves those cheeks and nose too. In fact, I might go find him and remind him right now.

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~Yoon Ju

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