Summer Mess

The end of summer is approaching and I’m looking at all the disaster zones around the places I create. I have supplies piled high and fixtures blocking my walking room because I thought I would try some new display ideas at our summer events. I might have to go to a flea market just to sell off some of my display stands.

I did my best to repurpose thrift store items and buy things on sale but the outdoor elements turned some of my ideas into objects that grow winds when it’s windy. I swear the wind picks up on the days when there’s events. So far this summer, I’ve had to set-up a tent in the rain. Catching flying art pieces and strategically tape down anything that could suddenly want to jump for it – like a goldfish who gets tired of it’s bowl.

There’s been children down on their hands and knees with me searching through the grass blades for some miniature the size of a pencil eraser. Amazingly, after a few sweeps I’ve found my pieces but those are the moments when I question my sanity for wanting to make miniaturized sculptures.

Once my shows are done, I might have to put on a few episodes of Marie Kondo to get my home in order again. My husband is probably praying that I don’t get event fever again this fall. I’ve put him to the test this summer. I guess I should be thankful that he’s also a creator and likes to play with his 3D printers. Who knows I might be following him around some day to shows. I do keep asking him when I get to be a stay at home wife but he just laughs.

The thought of not having to work because I have to pay bills is on my goal list but I know that will never happen. I’ll always be doing something. Hopefully, it doesn’t take over every inch of my living space.

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~Yoon Ju

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