Weekend Events

This weekend was full of music at the Loud On Lake Street Outdoor Music Festival on Saturday. Our booth The Art Shoppe was a little close to the music speakers but it kept us moving and awake from 11 – 4:30 pm. I was with 3 other artists and we got a front row seatContinue reading “Weekend Events”

Street Fair Celebrating

Friday is finally here and I’m getting ready for a busy weekend. It’s street fair time for The Art Shoppe in Minneapolis that carries the artwork and books of many local artists. My husband and I will be under a tent as the community celebrates. I can already hear the music and smell the wideContinue reading “Street Fair Celebrating”

Milestone Day!

I reviewed my insights page again on WordPress and I’ve officially reached 76,000 total words. My prompting and blogging are the size of a book. I guess this means that I don’t have any excuses when it comes to getting a novel written. It also means that using my exercises work! Knowing that it’s possibleContinue reading “Milestone Day!”


I’ve been thinking about life at home lately and how odd it would be to tell a stranger what it’s like. My husband is usually sitting at his desk in the spare room creating dinosaurs, dragons, and all kinds of creatures with his 3D printer. I’m usually making miniaturized sculptures and earrings. Yes, we areContinue reading “Oopsie!”

Spooky Summer

This month is usually the hottest in Minnesota but my mind seems to be on Fall like most of the people in the creative world. I’ve been thinking about fall harvests, Halloween, and winter scenes. For the creatures in my books and in my artwork, do I go cute or dark and gruesome? Summer isContinue reading “Spooky Summer”


Listening to the thunder and rain outside my windows this weekend, I wanted to snuggle in the covers like a cat and nap but I managed to get myself moving. Saturday turned into a cleaning day and a trip to one of my favorite pastry shops. I left there a little sad because they wereContinue reading “Mentorship”

A Writer’s Process

The beginning of the novel process looks like a big ball of red yarn that was played with by a big cat when I attempt to create an outline. Like many writers, I ask the reason for the journey of my hero? How is my hero going to get there and what obstacles will standContinue reading “A Writer’s Process”

Pumpkin Time

I almost played hooky today and took my fingers off the keyboard today but there’s nothing wrong with a Cinderella post. The clock hasn’t struck midnight and maybe there’s a little magic left before my horses turn back into mice. My favorite is still the fat mouse. While I wait for my ride to turnContinue reading “Pumpkin Time”

More Games

It’s late into the night and I’m sitting in front of my keyboard distracted by another season of Game of Thrones. The writers managed to keep me involved enough to to want to know who’s going to survive this fight for power. I want to know if family members wills survive on their own andContinue reading “More Games”

Last of Summer

The last month of summer rolled in with sun and activities all weekend. My weekend started with a few extra hours of sleep in the morning until my husband bounded in to wake me up in time for an outside picnic. Thanks to some smart friends they choose a well shaded area on a hillContinue reading “Last of Summer”