Listening to the thunder and rain outside my windows this weekend, I wanted to snuggle in the covers like a cat and nap but I managed to get myself moving. Saturday turned into a cleaning day and a trip to one of my favorite pastry shops. I left there a little sad because they were so busy, they sold out of croissants and the fruit tarts that I always get to treat myself. Good thing they other treats left.

I guess I wasn’t too sad because I left there spending over $40 and had a bag filled with goodies. There’s nothing like a late brunch from a pastry shop. I guess my foodie videos from Paris didn’t help before I decided that I needed something too.

Sunday was a day at The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis and I did the celebration dance inside since there was a customer looking around. This shop sells my art pieces and my children’s books. Yes, I still celebrate every sale.

Since Sundays tend to be slow I always use the quiet time between customers to get some blogging done and I know – I missed this Friday. I reached the end of the week and my energy tank sputtered and then stopped. So, this is my makeup day.

The clock is ticking again because I have too many things on my list again. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to set-up our next event space on September 10th and 11th. My husband and I are participating in the Minneapolis Jackalope event at Surly Brewing Co and due to participants, we have a micro under the main tent. I’m used to having my own 12×12 tent. Downsizing is not my thing.

Then, we’re participating in a Kimchi Festival the next weekend on the 17th in Mounds View. This time I’ll be brining some of books because they have Asian characters in them. The intention was to create more diverse characters because there weren’t any on the book shelves when I was growing up.

Hopefully, my pen will get used that weekend. Looking at my schedule, I’m trying not to have the deer in headlights look because I’m also helping The Art Shoppe with their street fair next weekend, August 13th. They’ve been a good creative connection and mentorship.

I have to mention something about the last sentence above. I’ve learned that the key to a good mentorship is to ask questions, stay curious, and learn. There’s a lot of experience around you but if you don’t ask questions, then there’s no point to the word, mentorship.

Your prompt for today is to think about your creative circle. Connect with other creatives and ask away. Don’t flood them – share and ask with a few at a time.

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~Yoon Ju

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