Event Crazy

The day before an event is here and I will be running around in circles trying to pack, make last minute pieces, and repack 10 times before I forget something have to do it all over again. My rules is to have as much crammed into my tubs as possible so that I have toContinue reading “Event Crazy”

T-Rex Hands

My tables and desks are piles of polymer clay, resin molds, and jewelry making tools. I think my hands are going to look like a curled T-Rex by the end of the summer. I guess I won’t have to go rock climbing to get the dexterity and grip of an athlete. No, my summer isContinue reading “T-Rex Hands”

Creative Challenges

The clock is ticking and I’m working through logistical problems and cranking out more hand pieces of miniatures for our first flea market experience. Anyone looking to get out of the house near Stillwater, Minnesota are welcome to come visit us from 9 to 3 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t forget myContinue reading “Creative Challenges”

Late Nights

It’s normal to stay up until 3:00 in the morning to get ready for an event, right? My never ending show circuit is only beginning. My husband and I had our first spring event together in May. Everything wasn’t perfect but it was busy and that’s a good thing. It also happened to be onContinue reading “Late Nights”


Today I’m still taking time to celebrate Juneteenth and freedom from slavery. Being from Minnesota and recent news headlines in the past few years, we need to pause to remember why this country was founded. Everyone deserves their freedom and the right to pursue happiness. Having grown up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, and lookingContinue reading “Juneteenth”

Date Night

Did you have a steamy night at the keyboard last night during your writing prompt? I hope you did. If not, there’s time to set those pages on fire this weekend. Still not inspired? Then, take yourself or a significant other on a date. That’s what I’ll being doing. My husband and I are celebratingContinue reading “Date Night”

Jealous Readers

Should I celebrate this morning? You are reading this right now and that means that I was able to achieve at least one goal this week. Being able to write a post Monday to Friday isn’t easy when you have a busy schedule but this is all part of following my own advice to continueContinue reading “Jealous Readers”

Summer Romance

I mentioned summer romances and I thought back to a prompt that I started with a writer who looks to escape the noise of the city only to hear the sounds of a chainsaw from the owner of her cabin rental. There’s nothing like a quick romance story at the edge of a lake. InsteadContinue reading “Summer Romance”

Summer Lovin’

Another week is here and summer is in full swing. While other people head to their cabins for a boat ride on the many lakes of Minnesota, I’ll be participating in the local fairs and flea markets. After running around to a few stores, I finally gave in a bought a vendor pop-up tent becauseContinue reading “Summer Lovin’”

Friday Blues

Friday is supposed to be about going out after a week of work and celebrating with everyone who survived the grind but I’ve been silent this week about some not so great news. Earlier this week I received an email that got me really down. I learned that someone broke into our art shop inContinue reading “Friday Blues”

Market Hunting

Earlier this week, I checked some of my reliable venues for the summer only to find one that decided not to hold events this year due to health reasons. Good thing I started researching new opportunities this spring. A few phone calls later and I have a new spot this year. I’m excited and nervousContinue reading “Market Hunting”