Mother Nature In Minnesota

I’m at my writing post again like clockwork and my eyeballs feel like they’ve been under a hairdryer for 8 hours. This weekend my biggest challenge was Minnesota weather and participating in an open flea market that had no wind barriers around a large open field. I set up my tent in the early morning Saturday rain just before a 5 minute downpour, a bucket downpour. Sunday the wind was so strong and cold that I had to go buy a jack at from a neighboring vendor.

I don’t know what is worse, melting in the humidity of our weather up here or dealing with winds that sent several vendor displays crashing. On the last day of our summer market experience, we didn’t bother to put up some displays because everything had to be laid flat on our table. My graceful self managed to drop some miniatures the size of a pencil eraser without the help of Mother Nature.

If you’ve ever had to search in the grass for something the size of a button, then you know how I felt. Miraculously, I found the pieces but it wasn’t fun moving individual grass blades around on my hands and knees search for some miniature cookies that I made out of clay. They cute and adorable until you have to search an open field for them.

My husband was there with me and he was a trooper. He helped so much with the heavy items and setting up of displays. I wouldn’t have been able to leave the table for a bathroom break due to the fear of something blowing off the table without him. The best part was seeing the appreciation and validation from people passing by on his new 3D printed home decor items.

I have yet to convince him that the matching fanny packs that I bought are a fashion statement but we’re getting there. I’m thinking of doing what a few couples and families did at the event. They were wearing matching outfits and colors. I know that will definitely take some convincing but maybe I can start with matching and branded t-shirts.

At the end of Saturday and Sunday we hauled our things in and out of our vehicle and I did what I always do after events. I crashed and then woke up around bedtime. Yes, I’m typing this late at night but I’m my but is in the seat. I spent so much time and energy making new miniature creations that I feel like some of my novel writing has been paused again. I’m not worried as worried because I know that I can write one page at a time if needed but my dream of creating an online store that actually has orders does demand most of my time.

I guess we’ll see how this all juggles out over the summer because I would like steady sales to increase as we move into fall. Don’t worry, self plug, I will have book lover themed items because it’s part of who I am. The one difference is that I’m trying to migrate my small Etsy to another online platform to avoid increasing fees. Wish me luck because sometimes the steps to follow our dreams seems impossible and scary.

No prompts for today. I am on a partial summer vacation and giving my brain a much needed break. If you need a prompt, then continue list building this summer and write down your top 10 dreams or goals. Then, write down at least one realistic step you can take to achieve your goal. If you can actually do the action, you’ll be ahead of most people still dreaming.

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~Yoon Ju

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