Vending Machine Day

Last night, I needed to unwind after a long day of cleaning up my mess after my event and rescuing some free furniture that was calling my name. A little reorganizing and I made them a temporary home until I can figure out what I want to do with them. To my surprise my husband didn’t object to my thrifting phase after spotting garage sales and heading to the Goodwill to find items to upcycle into my art pieces.

I do my best to give make some donations or resell before I get anything new. We cleared new space and gave away some items to a fellow collector, which meant that I had some more room. This time I was determined not to break the bank and with rising prices, I went second hand. A little soap and water go a long way.

Walking around thrift shops I always wonder what kind of life these items that make their way to someone’s shelf had. I ask why it’s there? Were they cleaning? Did they pass away? Did someone else clean for them? Then, I think of writer’s who created novels out of lost objects, treasure hunts, and accidental finds. There’s a story in every piece that we don’t know. A mystery to solve. Not to mention that I wouldn’t mind finding a little treasure of my own.

We’ve all had those fantasy of finding buried treasure as children. All the times I’ve walked the aisles of things forgotten, I may have passed up opportunities that I didn’t know existed. I’m not an antique collector but I’m reminded of a story about a lost necklace that I placed in a story still sitting in my pile. The is whether or not I can weave that part of the story into the other one I started in Paris. Both stories took place in Paris.

The life of an object can bring two strangers together, and pull them apart. Treasures are coveted, hunted, and there’s always more than one person in the same quest. The question is which one will find the prize?

If you can’t tell already, my mind is spinning and finding away to unwind the connecting thread before I wind it back up again. Do you have a summer treasure? Maybe it could start on the 4th of July weekend, keeping with our prompt. Think about it. Then, write for 5-10 minutes.

I’m going back to my vending machine videos in Japan. Maybe I need to create a vending machine for ideas. You could just push a button and get your prompt for the day. Don’t be surprised if you see a mini model in my online shop ( one day!

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~Yoon Ju

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