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The clock is ticking and I’m working through logistical problems and cranking out more hand pieces of miniatures for our first flea market experience. Anyone looking to get out of the house near Stillwater, Minnesota are welcome to come visit us from 9 to 3 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t forget my banner but we’ll be there under a tent with a banner.

Going into any event, including book signing, events I’ve had many nights of a few hours of sleep to get ready. You still need pricing tags, what your selling, business cards, or information sheets, a way to transport what your selling, pens, and a way to accept money. Having petty cash on hand also helps, unless you can work with the local shops to run the transactions for you but know they may take a percentage.

I’m in the entrepreneurial mood this week and I’ve my YouTube history is filled with antiquers, people in their 20s doing crazy challenges to raise money, and people building their own businesses online. The ones of those in their teens made me smile because they don’t care how foolish or silly they during their challenges. Some of them run around doing stunts to see who can make the most money for a day. And they’re willing to do just about anything.

Those of us who are older need to remember those times. It’s not being stupid, it’s about not caring what other people think without having to do anything illegal. I mean, there are adults running around in costumes in cities all over the nation to make a few dollars. Remember when you were willing to do anything to make a few extra bucks from your parents to get something you wanted?

We can’t lose this spirit as we get older, and we need to apply it to our daily routine. I know we all need to pay our bills but what if you could spend a Saturday or Sunday making a few extra bucks for that vacation? Too embarrassed? Well, just tell people it’s for your YouTube channel and actually record and upload it.

I know I’ve been talking to my art shop group about doing live sales. You could have a live reading or live book contest as an author. Get creative, and get engaged in what you do. Take some of their enthusiasm and make it your own. Put yourself out there.

Your prompt for today is to brainstorm for 5-10 minutes on ways to show people what you do, or what you can do to make more sales. I see some people setting up a garage sale and selling their own books at full price. Hopefully, I gave you some ideas. I’ll be beta testing some new table set-ups and new pieces. I’m also adjusting prices at live events to go up against the word “recession”. At least that’s the talk of many in the small business community.

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~Yoon Ju

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