Day #18: First Paragraphs

I can feel the fingers itching out there as we go through Preptober together. We’ve been tackling one small exercise a day and then putting the pieces away. Well, today we get to do more typing than our previous days.

Day #18 is First Paragraph Day. That means that we get to take out our outlines and work on the beginning of each chapter. Think of today as a prompt to help the flow of chapters later. We’re going to work on the first paragraph of our chapters today.

First paragraphs should feel like an extension of your outline. As we write, we‘ll see if everything still flows together. Limiting this only to the first paragraph of each chapter also helps us continue to hook in each piece of our plot.

If writer’s block pops up, then we might need to work on the placement of our plot or rearrange. Turning the pages slowly and step-by-step gives us more time to put thought into the why’s of our story.

Type away all day long and enjoy the sound of your keyboard or pen. Don’t be afraid to fix or edit. Just don’t throw away or delete. Sometimes the critical part of our mind is harder on our first try, when we actually have something good.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not feeling satisfied. The point is to oil the wheels of our brain with all this prepping so that we can finish our novel.

Preptober will continue through the end of this month. My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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