Write A Scene Today

Standing on the edge of the rocks, their meeting place, she couldn’t tell the stars in the night sky from the earth. Both were mirrors of each other. The light from the moon flickered like a faulty nightlight. Her warm breath pushed out one small cloud when it hit the cold fall night. The hairs on the back of her neck lifted and the puffs of clouds fell out faster. It was like all of her being was tied to him through invisible strings. She sensed his dark shadow hanging in the tree line. He was watching her.

Her eyes closed. She was him clearer than in daylight. His bright blue eyes stared down at her and her eyes brushed over the scar on the bottom of his chin. They stopped on his full, bow shaped lips. He always smelled like the wind, mixed with birch trees, and leaves.

Her eyes opened and she felt the heat from his body through her down jacket. He radiated sunlight at midnight and her body curled inward to let out a small shiver. A memory from his touch. Her eyes closed again as he stepped in front of her. She didn’t need to keep them open to see him.

One finger tipped her chin up to him and she smiled in anticipation. She waited all day for this moment. The softness of his lips didn’t disappoint. When her fingers curled into the strands of his dark hair her toes curled into her shoes. He was the sun at midnight and she melted into him. The cold in the night air faded away with the sounds of the leaves rustling in the dark.

These were the moments she didn’t want to forget. She wanted to remember the feeling of him just before he reached for her. His warmth. The feeling of recognizing every part of him even when she couldn’t see him standing in the dark. Was he doing the same as he held back in dark before he reached her side? Imprinting the image of her into his memory.

He lifted her closer to his lips. She didn’t want to let go of him after this summer. She couldn’t image not being able to feel this way. He must have sensed her thoughts because the next part of his kiss left her without any thoughts at all.

Today’s post was for my romance writers. Mine is raw an unedited.

It’s been way too long and I’m thinking back to my small town story, set in Northern Minnesota. Only this romance is with a wolf shifter. I was thinking about my prompts at midnight and a walk in the woods to a meeting place for my characters.

It’s time to return your own writing. Write down part of a scene in your story today.

My posts are Monday through Friday. You can find a copy of my new Writer’s Journal at https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Journal-Writing-Prompts-Notes/dp/B0931QRL7C.

~Yoon Ju

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