Finding Rhythm

The week is coming to a close and I’m finding a hard time getting back into my rhythm after a show.  I know this feeling well and the good thing is I know it’s coming after a big event.  Practicing what I preach I’m using my own exercises to write every day and finish one more part of my novel.  I don’t get frustrated if my story comes together out of order because it resembles daily life.  Things happen when you don’t expect them to happen.

The point of my prompts is not to force ink out of pen but to give it a little more grip, and help your hand become more familiar with the feeling.  I don’t know about you but forced stories don’t work.  You can tell when it’s one of those days.  My words are flat and emotionless.  Just like you can tell when I’m excited, happy, sad, angry, and all the other emotions.

So if you ink is only a sad little drip, it’s okay.  Let it reach the page.  Write and then try again.  Keep using your own prompts and you will find yourself in that rhythm again.  The more times you have this experience, the easier it will be before your ink turns into a sputter and then a steady drizzle. 

Going back to one of my previous statements, if you’re every angry with someone or frustrated – go and hit your keyboard or write in a frenzy.  You’ll come up with some of the best lines that you can use for a chapter in your book.  It’s like writing things the way they should have happened because my one liners come out better on paper.  It’s kind of like smiling sweetly at a character you kill off later in your book.  All those things you wanted to do, you can let out on the page.  Not that I’ve ever done that.  No, we writers never turn someone we’re angry at into a character in our book just so that we can have something mysteriously happen to them.

Okay, I won’t get all dark and sinister here.  But bullies never win in my novels.  So maybe I unleash some of it in my stories.  If I ever have used them in my novel, they didn’t even get the honor of being a villain. They were just pathetic wanna be fans of the villain but even the person they worshipped had better taste.

Hmm. I guess you can see where I’m going with this. Finding a topic that gets to you isn’t that hard. I’ll leave you with one last phrase before I go and take care of few characters. Let the pen slow drip and sputter, as long as you pick it up again.

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~Yoon Ju

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