Saturday Road Trip

This weekend was full of adventure as I made my husband get up at the crack of dawn to drive over three hours away to Shady Hollow Flea Market near Lake Melissa. This market is a few hops from Detroit Lakes, and about 45 minutes away from the North Dakota border near the college townContinue reading “Saturday Road Trip”


Friday is finally here and there’s a break in the wet weather this year. I was driving over one of our rivers in Minnesota and noticed how high the waters are here in Minnesota. My nose wrinkled with the thought of our unofficial state bird breeding more as the temperatures rise. Yes, wetter weather meansContinue reading “Kindness”

Dan Brown’s 13 Steps to Writing a Thriller

This week I’ve had theme of kindness and paying it forward but I can’t forget about the hungry pens out there. Thursday is our lesson day and one lesson that I would recommend is #13 from with Dan Brown from MasterClass. I’ve shared a few segments from his lessons but if you want to knowContinue reading “Dan Brown’s 13 Steps to Writing a Thriller”

Minnesota Life

The first of the month is here and I can finally bear the midwest humidity a little bit more because I have air conditioning again in my car. No more melting makeup or skin stuck to the seat as sweat drips down my back. I can breathe easier in cool, fresh air without bugs flyingContinue reading “Minnesota Life”


Is the long weekend really over? Well, I’m glad I missed all the traffic this weekend by waiting until non-jam hours. I think everyone in Minnesota skipped town on Thursday after work instead of Friday. The weekend was rainy off and on, and left puddles in the fields in and over the state border butContinue reading “Workday”

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you make time to remember friends and family, and think of those who served our country. I spent time with my parents this weekend and had siblings and a nephew stop out to visit. We sang, “Happy Birthday” to my nephew and talked about how he’s turning 14 already. WeContinue reading “Happy Memorial Day!”

Memorial Weekend

The weekend is here and I hear the tires hitting the road for many Minnesotans as they begging their plans for a Holiday weekend. Some people that I’ve talked to are looking forward to an extra day of sleep after a busy week. In our state, you’ll see a mass exodus from downtown to ourContinue reading “Memorial Weekend”

Connecting Characters

Lesson Thursday continues through this month as I follow David Sedaris on MasterClass online. This week, I watched his lesson on connecting with readers. The same is said for first impressions because a reader may only pick up your book once, or only read the first few paragraphs. This feels cruel to us as writersContinue reading “Connecting Characters”

Wandering Minds

We started out the week by talking about getting lost this week. Let your minds wander as we walk forward into the next few days. One of the exercises that I’ve used and other writers have shared with me is the art of letting your mind unwind and writing down your thoughts. These aren’t completeContinue reading “Wandering Minds”

Getting Lost

The weekend was about experimenting and adding more pieces in my online shop ( My Cricut got a workout as we tested and printed some new stickers. Bubbles and sticky back paper don’t mix week. The week was filled with mixed emotions because our new used car was coming this weekend. I’m excited for theContinue reading “Getting Lost”

Inspiration and Exploring

The months are flying by faster than I can type and I’m thinking about my year goals. The mid-year marker is almost here and I only have a few chapters typed out with random pieces of other chapters. Summer is definitely going to be my crunch time. I see myself traveling to different locations toContinue reading “Inspiration and Exploring”