Getting Lost

The weekend was about experimenting and adding more pieces in my online shop ( My Cricut got a workout as we tested and printed some new stickers. Bubbles and sticky back paper don’t mix week. The week was filled with mixed emotions because our new used car was coming this weekend. I’m excited for theContinue reading “Getting Lost”

Inspiration and Exploring

The months are flying by faster than I can type and I’m thinking about my year goals. The mid-year marker is almost here and I only have a few chapters typed out with random pieces of other chapters. Summer is definitely going to be my crunch time. I see myself traveling to different locations toContinue reading “Inspiration and Exploring”

School Day

MasterClass day is here again with David Sedaris. This part of his lesson, “Breaking Into A Story”, started out with the curse of needing to be perfect. He talked about how his partner, an amazing artist, goes to a museum only to come home and say that he can’t paint. I don’t know about youContinue reading “School Day”

Reinventing Imagination

Working or volunteering in a local art shop every weekend has it’s benefits. I’ve been creating art pieces and writing since middle school. I even remember writing out my own stories with squiggly lines because I hadn’t learned the alphabet. As I grew into an adult, I would sit there and wonder where all thatContinue reading “Reinventing Imagination”

Small Business Day

I’m all rested up from the weekend and ready to go for another week. I hit another goal for myself. I was able to write and post my blog every day last week with a busy schedule. My effort to get my but in the writing chair paid off and my fingers didn’t miss aContinue reading “Small Business Day”

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is here and I hope you haven’t switched bodies with anyone or been chased by anyone wearing a hockey mask. Today is a day of superstition and thoughts about what happens when you walk under a ladder. Different cultures have different days synonymous with bad luck. This is the one day whenContinue reading “Friday the 13th”

Return To Why?

I’m almost to the end of the week and I have to pat myself on the back due to the crazy busy schedule but I don’t have anyone else to blame. I’m the one who decided to sign up for events, and then launch new products in my online store the week afterward. I haveContinue reading “Return To Why?”

5 Minute Birthday

I’m in my seat for my 5 minutes a day and it’s my husband’s birthday (well yesterday). He decided to take a different day off but he’s been busy at his corporate job and building his own 3D printing job. Luckily, my muses are here to help him with a list of accessories to goContinue reading “5 Minute Birthday”

Writing Every Day

Just five minutes a day is all my mind is repeating this week because I didn’t follow the advice of other creators when it comes to store launches. A few people that I’ve followed said not to launch new items in your store after a big event, I should have listened because most of myContinue reading “Writing Every Day”

Dance Party

You know all those intentions you have when it comes to preparing for having family come over on the holidays, for book events, or events in general? Well, you can imagine the frenzy that went into this weekend. All the prep work for creating new art pieces and testing out new creations at this pastContinue reading “Dance Party”

Spring Into Uptown

One day before the event and I’m running around again. Checking tote once, twice, and a third time. I tell myself I can create one more piece because I like staying up all night and having blood shot eyes from lack of sleep at events. No really, this is my normal. I’m tired but there.Continue reading “Spring Into Uptown”