Memorial Weekend

The weekend is here and I hear the tires hitting the road for many Minnesotans as they begging their plans for a Holiday weekend. Some people that I’ve talked to are looking forward to an extra day of sleep after a busy week. In our state, you’ll see a mass exodus from downtown to our cabins.

Many Minnesotans will have their boats in tow as they drive a few hours of out of the city to pen up their lake cabins. Our wooded areas will grow puffs of smoke from campfires, fishing poles will dip into the lakes, families will gather together.

I know some people in my family use this weekend to visit the resting place for relatives. Flags may also line houses for those who want to remember and honor those who are in service or who have served. This is the weekend for talking about and creating memories.

Some of us might even sit in front of the water with our laptops and notebooks because we finally have a moment to work on our writing. Relaxing and taking in the sounds of nature while our fingers work their magic doesn’t sound like a bad plan at all. I might play a few rounds of cards with my parents and stuff myself with too much food but I’m hoping to sneak in a few moments of typing.

A change of location and scenery is welcome because I’ve been staring at my desk all week. I’ve been trapped inside with tons of work that still looks like the size of a mountain. You know what sounds good to me? Sinking down onto a lounge chair outside and closing my eyes as the sun flickers through the tree leaves. My idea of a good moment this weekend is listening to the leaves rustle in the wind and having nothing else to do.

My book characters might come out to play as I lay there and rest. My paint brushes and drawing pen might make an appearance when conversations end and people head to bed for the evening. Most of all I can’t wait to tuck my body inbetween the sheets to catch up on much needed rest after giving my all these past few weeks.

I hope you have some writing in your plans, or at minimum 5 minutes of your time to take out those pens this weekend. It’s time to switch from the tapping of the keyboards to our writing instruments. Write for 5-10 minutes using a pen, or pencil so that your hands don’t forget what it’s like to hold onto an ancient tool that writings have used over the centuries. Doodle words if your brain is too tired.

Happy Memorial Day!

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~Yoon Ju

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