A Walk In the Snow

Yesterday, the road was filled with whirling white puffs of snow that slowed down the traffic on all the roads early in the morning. Then, thick flakes fell down mid-morning and the Minnesota groans were audible everywhere I went. The first snow falls take a while to get used to even when you grow upContinue reading “A Walk In the Snow”

Mystery Meat and Edits

Are you ready for another round of editing? I have to be ready. I just received the follow-up round back from my soon to be authors. It’s the final push before their book is ready and I know exactly what they’re going through. You want your book published but you bite down on the endContinue reading “Mystery Meat and Edits”

Another Date of Christmas

Since the recent headlines in the news, I’m not eager to travel to far places this holiday season. I do have some Christmas Markets on my bucket list but I’m okay with waiting, because our city of St. Paul decided to create one at our Union Station. Instead of sitting in a plane for hours,Continue reading “Another Date of Christmas”

Things That Make You Cry

I spent last night trying not to let a steady cascade of tears pour down my face while I blew my nose. Talk about getting into a story. I finished reviewing 262 pages and had to read about losing someone to the waves of the ocean for the 3rd round of editing. I had toContinue reading “Things That Make You Cry”

Get Counting

This weekend I filled up on Turkey too many times and I think I might go on an exercise binge to balance out the calories before our next holiday. The rest of the long weekend was filled with more family time and one trip to a store for a few Black Friday deals. My timeContinue reading “Get Counting”

Black Friday Writing

Ever have one of those moments when you need to decide how you’re going to roll out of bed in the morning? Well, this was my question because bought extra large Thanksgiving plates yesterday. The buffet of slow cookers filled with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and different kinds of sides filled that too large plate tooContinue reading “Black Friday Writing”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is finally here and we escaped the city late last night after I picked my husband up from work. I was surprised to find roads sparse. Rush hour happened without me and I was okay with that. It gets dark up here around 4:00 pm. One rapid test later, and we were onContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Prompts Into Action

The north this weekend was filled with mild weather and sunshine to the delight of many who anticipate a storm right before they hit the roads for holiday travels. There’s numerous stories up here of families driving through ice and snow storms on the way to Grandma’s. Our white knuckle adventures on the way toContinue reading “Prompts Into Action”

The Holiday List

Thanksgiving is next week and I’m thinking I might want to be a the Black Friday crowds next week. Do I really want to join in the frenzy this year only to wait in extremely long lines? I think I might hit a few craft sales and boutique stores for some unique finds this weekend.Continue reading “The Holiday List”

Break Time!

Did you go out and howl at the moon last night? Are your word counts going up or staying flat? I think I need to lock my art supplies away during this month. It’s great to be creative but sometimes having other options are just like feeling the need to clean my home when I’mContinue reading “Break Time!”

Howl At The Moon

Tonight, I think I’m going to stand outside and howl at the moon. Maybe some neighborhood dogs will join me. I’m sorry but an annoyed neighbor would only make me do it again. And they do have furry friends. If they ask, because I don’t have a dog, I can say I was trying toContinue reading “Howl At The Moon”

The Day Job

Are you an aspiring writing who still has a day job? Well, you’re not alone. There are a lot of self published and contracted writers who have another job to support their lifestyles. Online platforms are making more of dreams come true but it’s still only a small percent of us. Besides, some of usContinue reading “The Day Job”