Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is finally here and we escaped the city late last night after I picked my husband up from work. I was surprised to find roads sparse. Rush hour happened without me and I was okay with that. It gets dark up here around 4:00 pm. One rapid test later, and we were on our way to mom’s. The way was filled with bright shopping villages along the highway and a few holiday travelers.

We did pass the highway toward the Minneapolis airport for departures and were we happy that we didn’t have to sit in that long line of red tail lights. I don’t remember the last time it was that busy even around Christmas. I guess fewer departure times created that kind of bottle neck. My little car just passed right by and kept going toward the state border until we passed into cheesehead country.

As we turned off the main highway, I leaned I squinted at the other side of the road that must be from out of town. You can always tell those who are from out of town up north because they have their brights on. Sometimes, to our annoyance they forget to switch the high beams back down to normal. I guess I can’t blame them. Out in the country and away from the city lights it’s pitch black on the road. Good thing I know the twists and curves out there.

The best part of this morning was waking up to the smell of warm dinner rolls coming out of the oven. When mom called me over for the few extra warm rolls that didn’t fit into the dish, I ran over in my pajamas with unbrushed hair. Ask my nieces, the dinner rolls are one of the favorites. I guess we’re all lacking fresh pastries and newly baked bread outside of the holidays. Then, again, I did select the Twin Cities Grill in the Mall of America a few weeks ago because they bring out warm rolls too.

Those of us who don’t have much time to make fresh baked goodies or food fit for dinner parties appreciate everything that goes into a good meal. Besides seeing family – personalities and all, it’s one of the things we always remember about family get-togethers.

Whether you spend your day with friends, family, pets, or just have time to pause for yourself. I hope you give thanks today and remember what it’s all about on this big blue marble. If you have time during the next few days, put down your shopping bags and try spending some time around a warm oven. Think of warm, fresh bread.’

I wish everyone a Happy and Grateful Thanksgiving!

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~Yoon Ju

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