Black Friday Writing

Ever have one of those moments when you need to decide how you’re going to roll out of bed in the morning? Well, this was my question because bought extra large Thanksgiving plates yesterday. The buffet of slow cookers filled with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and different kinds of sides filled that too large plate too many times. Having another set of festive plates with 5 different kinds of desserts to choose from filled in whatever room I had left.

I was thankful for stretchy pants yesterday. Our gathering had a few cousins and 2nd cousins missing this year but we didn’t lack conversation. Everyone was so talkative that the football games never turned on. Some eyes started to flutter closed right after our afternoon meal but they were soon awake again to talk about other relatives that were spending the day at in-laws.

At one point, I turned to ask my husband how the Vikings did or who won the Bears and Lions game and he didn’t know. My head jerked and I looked to see if he was feeling okay. No one gathered around the TV and I didn’t miss that tradition because we were too busy catching up with everyone we weren’t able to see last year.

I don’t know if some of have been up for hours to catch all the deals but my shopping will be done online this morning. I might venture to a few stores after the frenzy of Black Friday has died down but I won’t miss the long lines of the morning. The only thing we have planned is treating mom and dad to lunch, and a quick trip to a boutique called The Paisley Cow to see what they have in stock for the holiday season.

Then, it’s time to return home with mom and dad to relax for the rest of the day. I have to finish up my editing job, and some of my own writing.

While you’re out and about or avoiding crowds, take not of everything around you. Can you work it into a short story for the day? Or use it in one of your chapters? What’s unique about the town you’re in this holiday season? I might snap a few photos to reference later using this exercise for my own story. Take time to write for 5-10 minutes today. Let me know how you’re doing.

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~Yoon Ju

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