The Holiday List

Thanksgiving is next week and I’m thinking I might want to be a the Black Friday crowds next week. Do I really want to join in the frenzy this year only to wait in extremely long lines? I think I might hit a few craft sales and boutique stores for some unique finds this weekend. I’ve also watched to many videos on European Christmas Markets.

Next weekend, our city of St. Paul is going to attempt to bring a little of that feel to the Union Depot. This is one of the spots that I’ve planned on taking my husband on one of our many Holiday dates. Can I find 12 dates of Christmas to make this year more memorable?

Being a writer I want that feel of walking down the rows of handmade crafts, smelling chestnuts and hot chocolate. Yes, I want the same feeling that I put in my stories. I mean, isn’t that what we all want during the holiday season. Instead of waiting, I’m trying to find memories that I can add to a snow globe for 2021.

How do you create those memories outside of your pages? Well, as a writer I don’t have an excuse for not being able to use my imagination. I thought about traveling to a small town that’s all decorated for Christmas but I have more research to do. If anyone has suggestions in Minnesota, please comment because I’m all for discovering new places.

Being a resource for writers, for anyone living or planning on visiting Minnesota, our state has a list of 12 ways to celebrate the holidays. You can find it at Don’t stop there! I’m also looking at the list of holiday concerts and shows at

Join me as I try some of places and things to do on the lists.

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~Yoon Ju

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