Steaming Up the Kitchen

Is it already Thursday? The sad part about the holidays is it flies by and everyone starts talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. People like me. To get in enough of the holiday feel, I think I’ll do a repeat of watching Christmas shows before Halloween. Santa doesn’t need to know that my tree wentContinue reading “Steaming Up the Kitchen”

A Walk In the Snow

Yesterday, the road was filled with whirling white puffs of snow that slowed down the traffic on all the roads early in the morning. Then, thick flakes fell down mid-morning and the Minnesota groans were audible everywhere I went. The first snow falls take a while to get used to even when you grow upContinue reading “A Walk In the Snow”

Mystery Meat and Edits

Are you ready for another round of editing? I have to be ready. I just received the follow-up round back from my soon to be authors. It’s the final push before their book is ready and I know exactly what they’re going through. You want your book published but you bite down on the endContinue reading “Mystery Meat and Edits”

Day #2 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet course: Dramatic Writing with David Mamet  Day #1 & 2 Purpose of Drama: My first few days in class with David Mamet are interesting.  He explains his viewpoint on what drama is in life and to our audience.  He would argue that we are not “teachers”.   We are the story tellers around the campfire thatContinue reading “Day #2 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet”