Day #2 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet course: Dramatic Writing with David Mamet 

Day #1 & 2 Purpose of Drama:

My first few days in class with David Mamet are interesting.  He explains his viewpoint on what drama is in life and to our audience.  He would argue that we are not “teachers”.   We are the story tellers around the campfire that “Defines the Clam” or in my own words – we are the grains of sand that listen with him to create the pearl.  Our uniting in the tradition of listening and storytelling is the drama.

Our jobs as storytellers or writers is not to teach, but to get to the inevitable end of our tale and surprise our audience.  We don’t show up in the audience.  Our only job is to entertain.  Don’t do other people’s jobs while telling your tale.  Readers listen and turn the pages because they want to escape reason or the “burden of consciousness”.

His comparison of radio shows or trying to sell our audience snake oil may cause our audience to leave.  They don’t show up to the bookstore to buy plumbing equipment, so don’t sell them something else other than a book – your story.  If they wanted something else, they would have gone to different store.

I’m only on day two but thinking deeper about my story.  I’m asking myself one of David Mamet’s points – How does my story get closer to the truth?  He said that one we all get closer to the truth is through drama.  Listening and applying his perspective on drama and what it means, may leave me with a deeper truth of my character or hero.  

I’ll continue to keep you updated on what I learn from the course, Dramatic Writing with David Mamet this week.  You can join at

~Yoon Ju

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