Day #1 of MasterClass Online

Day #1 with David Mamet on Dramatic Writing

December is here and it’s day of MasterClass online and I thought about taking a break but my goal is to finish another novel this year.  Our first class is with Pulitzer Prize winner, David Mamet on Dramatic Writing.

I’ve published Children’s Books and I took a few years off.  Most of my novels that remain unpublished are for adults and it’s time they see the light of day.  I’m also running out of storage room and I thought to myself, what’s holding me back?  

This year, I decided to stop using time as an excuse because life is always busy.  There’s also a universal law that states, when you start on a goal every distraction and interruption in the world will appear.  My first week of NaNoWriMo had emergency after emergency pop up but I still sat down every day, and there were days when I only had time for two paragraphs.  

Having been through the experiencing of publishing, I know writing is a full time job.  You need to commit to writing every day and stick with it.  Since I’m still in draft #1 or the SFD, I know there will be a few more rounds before I get to the final stage of publishing.  

Writing with other fellow writers to reach a goal motivated me to write for a month.  I think I need the same kind of motivation.  Applying what I learn immediately will also reinforce the advice.  

I will share my progress and what I learn throughout the month!  Wish me luck and let me know if you join in at

~Yoon Ju

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