Day #3 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet course: Dramatic Writing with David Mamet 

Day 3 Dramatic Rules:

I’m on day #3 and today is about the Dramatic Rules of writing.  Each video is around 8 to 12 minutes long and there are so many nuggets, I hit pause often.  

When we’re sitting down at the campfire and we’re telling a story progression needs to take place.   David Mamet says, if it doesn’t progress or if you can’t get around it, then through it out.  He goes on to talk about Aristotle’s Poetics and the hero’s journey.  A hero should experience recognition and reversal of situation.  This is someone outside of your character’s world, otherwise what’s the point?  If the character could have figured it out on their own, then there wouldn’t be a story.

Another take away, is that he tells us to push ourselves as writers because we can do better.  Stories about about our audience and what they become.  They should become their hero.  Think about what inspires them.

His final point in tonight’s class is to be unafraid to challenge.  Be unafraid to fail because that’s what drama is.  If the world was perfect, then there would be no drama and no stories to tell.  It’s our struggle as writers, as who we are that connects us to each other around the campfire.

“Drama is based on failure and lies.”  ~David Mamet

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~Yoon Ju

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