Senior Days

At the end of last week, I took some time off for moments of self care and I ended up having a senior style weekend. My body clock decided to wake up in the early morning hours before the city streets of Minnesota were awake. It was so early, I didn’t even hear the garbage or recycling trucks.

My trips to the a few pastry places were part of my indulgence because I woke up to something tasty each morning. My music pumped early and the past few days I’ve had an early morning dance party to help get me motivated to get a few morning chores done, make some breakfast, and keep my body healthy. The beat through my speakers may have made the neighbors wonder but I had fun jumping around the house while I caught up on some artsy endeavors and blogging.

I was going strong, blending color mixes for my clay sculptures and hitting the keyboard between dance routines. I thought I was on a roll. Some fluffy eggs made it into a pan before I decided to sit down. A few more things, like the dishes were cleaned. The clock ticked past lunch time and my speed turned turtle. Like many aged people, I realized that my early morning created the need for a senior nap.

I believe we return to a child-like state as we age. Sometimes, the diapers appear again. If that’s in my future, oh well. I figure if I need to be taken care of, I’ve kind of earned because I survived all the **** of the world throughout the years. Many times, I’ve contributed to the world by simply being a kind throughout the day when everyone else decided to do the opposite.

I guess my real writing goal is to lift someone else out of their own world, and have them feel the same as my characters for a second. Ever see someone laugh or smile as they read a book without noticing the people around them? That should be our goal as writers.

After watching a few seasons of “Jack Whitehall Travels with My Father”, I’ve realized that it’s been a while since I laughed. Sad but true. We all need that funny friend, preferably, one who is a bit off the wall without the expense of bullying. I don’t know if I could have gotten my father to dress in drag for the sake of the show but Jack did.

Instead of distracting you with details from the show, I’m just going to give you a prompt for the day. Add a little humor to your writing and try to see if you can get a reader to laugh out loud. Doing that without having to take a dark turn, means you might have a new kind of talent. Let’s take a breath from the seriousness of our plots, and lighten the lines from time to time. Smile – it’s part of self care.

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~Yoon Ju

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