Cozy Places

My days that I took off for self-care and more naps returned me to an place that I found with my husband more than 5 years ago. Had it been that long? I love neighborhood places and one that has a bakery is at the top of my list. Tucked away in a corner of Minneapolis, off of Xerxes, is Turtlebread. My eyes popped with joy when I saw the size of their snail rolls. I reminded myself to actually use the pins I save in google maps.

The hunt for Irish Soda bread brought me back to the place I forgot. My husband and I used to come here to work on our side businesses and spend hours taking in all the yummy smells. I purchased my first Kimnono from a shop around the corner that sold yarn. The large sitting area that’s split into 3 different places are also a plus.

To all my foodie followers out there, the quiche is fluffy and creamy and most of the time it’s plotted onto the plate without care. Mine was delivered with a corner hanging over the edge as if it was telling it was too much for the plate. Just don’t forget the homemade strawberry jam. They keep serve these hot fluffy goodness with a large piece of bread and all the sides are left in baskets in the table near the counter.

This neighborhood hang out might be my new place to blog on the weekends when I feel like getting out of my PJs. It’s not the deli, or mom and pop diner feel but it’s cozy enough and the size of their pastries will keep me coming back again. I feel blessed having two places to frequent that sell the treats that I drool over in my YouTube feed.

I feel a vlog tour of writing nooks in the future. Where is your cozy place that brings you out into public. I’ve heard mixed feelings about writers and public spaces. Some find it too distracting and noisy, while others thrive in that environment. Some look for live vignettes for their writing prompts, and others take short snippets of people watching to a whole new level.

Sitting in a place with real people can help you mix and match your characters’ appearance. This brings me to your prompt for today. Write in public for 10-15 minutes. Write about what you see, hear, smell, and taste. Your characters are people too and we’re supposed to believe their real. They would frequent public spaces too. So, get writing.

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~Yoon Ju

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