Review of Shadow and Bone

What were you doing over the weekend? Just when I thought all was lost and the last episode of the week ended I new series popped up on the screen. For those looking for a new fantasy series, then I would recommend Shadow and Bone. This show is set in a fictional world at warContinue reading “Review of Shadow and Bone”

Beating the Writing Blues

Creativity breeds more creativity.  This is the reason we need to get out of our slump and reawaken our brains.   We all need time to rest but we all know when it’s not normal.  It’s not that your lazy.  Something‘s just not right.  Do we treat ourselves like the stock market and if we’re downContinue reading “Beating the Writing Blues”

Finding Joy in Writing

The excitement continues to grow as my publishing day inches closer!  I finished round #1 of final edits, formatting, and style proofing.  When I set my goal one year ago, the finish lined wasn’t even in sight.  Getting over the first hump of being able to write anything after a few years was more thanContinue reading “Finding Joy in Writing”

April Fools Day

The first day of our new month is a holiday for all the pranksters and jokers in our lives. Every year we all wait to see what kind of pranks are going to be played on our friends and families. The lack of not being able to fill our co-workers cube with balloons or toiletContinue reading “April Fools Day”

Hoarding Slush Piles

Over the weekend, I TikToked about Spring cleaning and taking a few items to Goodwill on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Last night, I watched an episode of Hoarders and it scared me. I immediately went and cleaned another small area in our creative room after watching a painful episode of someone who needed help butContinue reading “Hoarding Slush Piles”

Find the Right Words

“For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that he has come upon the right word.” -Catherine Drinker Brown Let the brain sparks fly this weekend and may you have multiple moments of brilliance. I had to share this quote to inspire the moment when all the words you type finally connectContinue reading “Find the Right Words”


I had a plan this weekend to work on my next project of creating a writing journal for writers to share prompts and exercises that I’ve shared over the past year, then my husband decided to he wanted his own space for his YouTube Channel. The room he wanted to change is the last roomContinue reading “ReDesigning”

Female Writers

This week is supposed to be full of green and four leaf clovers but the storm that dropped feet of snow in Colorado paid us a visit a day later in Minnesota. Temperatures dropped again and the snow fell late into the night. How am I supposed to find my pot of gold with snowContinue reading “Female Writers”

Homework Day

The thought of Spring weather is playing with us in Minnesota. We went from 60 this week to rain showers and then snow flurries overnight. Changing from one season to another means we usually experience all seasons within one week. A change in season for me means an awaited call into the local pharmacy, someoneContinue reading “Homework Day”

American Memories

Walking around in public places these days we are witness to all kinds of things. Sometimes, we encounter lunacy, joy, and ignorance. Being able to go to a social place, like the Mall of America, we meet people from all over the world but there’s always those few who will choose ignorance and hate. ThereContinue reading “American Memories”

Character Sheets

The keys are flying as I pour out all the thoughts I have about my characters, even if I wrote it before. This time there are flashes of colors, scents, and more ambitions. Exercising my own advice, my character sheets are growing. Doing this process over again has shed some blocks and confusion that IContinue reading “Character Sheets”

Sunday Inspiration

Creating this blog is one of the best things I’ve done for my writing. The prompts and exercises that I share and use help develop a better story. Somehow, my wandering squirrel brain remembers where the nuts are buried, or at least provided a map to crafted the story we all dream of writing. Month-by-month,Continue reading “Sunday Inspiration”