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All the creating for this past weekend’s outdoor event has increased my appetite for all things Halloween.  My miniature world turned to holiday set building.  Thank you to all those who stopped by my table.  What they didn’t see was a very late night packing up pieces, and a pile of those I couldn’t bring because they were left to cure too long in the oven.  I knew I would be tired but it’s always worth the effort.  I did forget to take a few pictures before some new pieces sold but the fact that my pieces are going to decorate some homes left me feeling satisfied. 

While I was resting yesterday afternoon, my mind started to burst again with ideas for Inktober and Preptober.  Knowing I need to keep myself motivated, I’m going to attempt to participate in Inktober and Preptober.  The daily practice of creating all things inked should leave me with new pieces and more pages to my next novel.

Are you planning to take part in next month’s preparations for NaNoWriMo, or show your work in 30 days?  Doing monthly challenges will push your limits and help you develop your skills.  Planning before you take part in a challenge will making things easier so that you aren’t burnt out after the 30th day.  The idea is to inspire not steer you away from what you love by making you feel overwhelmed all month. 

How do I prepare?  If I take part in a challenge, I spend some time planning and preparing.  Learning to pace yourself for any deadline will help you understand how you need to work to get the job completed.  I try to brainstorm and plan topics for as many days as possible. I’ve learned from other people who participate in challenges like this to prepare things in batches.  You might share a piece you created every day but that doesn’t mean that you have to do all of them one day at a time.  Is this cheating?  Not in my book.  You’re still creating 30 days of work.

My advice is to get as many pieces done when you have more time to take off the pressure.  There are always going to be days when you might have other life problems to deal with, having work already done will keep you on track without feeling disappointed in yourself.  I would give the same advice to anyone who keeps a blog and vlog. 

I guess you all know what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks.  My time will be spent thinking about what I’m going to create for the next month.  I also have to squeeze in the final stages of preparing 3 other books for publication.  One for myself and two for other authors. 

I’ll share my results from Preptober next month. My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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