Outdoor Event – September 18th

Friday is here and I’m running around getting everything ready for tomorrow’s show. Last coats of glaze will go on and packing and repacking will happen because my brain wants to add more to the already packed boxes for tomorrow. My Thanksgiving dinner will be on display along with some fantastical creatures. I might even have a few mini jars of eyeballs for Halloween lovers. Trying to items into a jar that are the size of a pencil tip wasn’t an easy task.

Where and when is this happening? I know you asked. Saturday, September 18th, I will be at the below location with my books and artwork. I don’t know how many are coming but I’m squeezed in with other vendors selling comic themed merchandise. May the hot glue gun burns on on my hand be worth the wait. Thankfully, the venue is a covered, Outdoor event. Rain or shine, I will be there.

Here are the details:
Saturday, September 18th means another Outdoor Artist Event. I’ll be there with my miniature sculptures and comic themed art.

9:30 – 3:30

1201 Larpenteur Ave W, Roseville MN
Cub Food’s Roseville Pavilion
NOT Har Mar Cub

Will not be postponed due to light rain, may be rescheduled for weather that poses a risk to vendors or products.

Remember to comment and let me know where I can your prompt.  My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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