Marshmallow Wednesday

I see more hoodies passing by as I walk the streets of Minnesota in the middle of the day.  The run to my car in the morning might mean I have to put on my fall coat but the one thing that’s not my favorite during the colder months is all the heavy layers.  I feel like a weighted buoy during the winter bobbing up and down in the snow.

I already have enough pounds on this body and adding more in the winter with clothing doesn’t make me feel any better.  Do you every those days where you feel like a bloated marshmallow?  Well, that’s common up North during the winter with all of our puffy coats.  I shouldn’t feel like Michelin’s mascot but it’s what we turn into up here for a season.  Anyone living in a warmer climate can picture thousands of marshmallows walking around in boots.

Everyone waits for the weather to hit the 40s and it feels like the start of Spring.  We know we’re in for a real treat when we get all the seasons in one day.  What we call a heat wave, then snow, and then rain.  Once the weather makes up it’s mind, the layers begin to peel and like Spring flowers we all bloom.  A burst of energy runs through us the first day we don’t have to do the penguin shuffle to the car for fear of slipping in the driveway.

Right now, I feel a hibernation coming on.  My den is the sofa covered in layers of blankets with the heat turned down low.  A slow sleep fills my body and I think how luck bears are during the winter.  I can’t tell my writing to go on hiatus because I have to write the next book or work on the next project.  I have to make a living somehow. 

Speaking of writing, I hear my notebook calling.  So are my miniatures.  I have a show this weekend and my books will be in tow.

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~Yoon Ju

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