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This weekend I started working on a new project that involves those diorama’s we created with shoe boxes in grade school. I spent some more time getting hot glue stuck to my skin to build more shelving and stands for all things that are miniaturized. Do you want to know what my highlight was?

I miniaturized Thanksgiving. Yes, I actually did bake a mini turkey in my toaster oven after a dusting of pastels. I have to say my turkey looks like the real bird on the table. What does this have to do with writing? Well, if you ever get stuck on a story you could switch the cogs in your nugget to build your story by hand. You can turn into a forensic scientist rebuilding a scene and part architect.

This might be cliche but you could build your set and the idea will come. Once you get the creative juices in your working, the rest is easier. Most of my other prompts are about writing but doing something physical works for many of the top people in every profession. They take a walk and build with their hands because it triggers a different kind of thought process. Think of physical exercise like a juice cleanse for your brain.

When I’m stuck on a scene, I go do something else and I trust that the rest will come to me. I move onto another part of the story, and sometimes a few days later the answer to my problem comes to me. There is something about finishing something physical that gives my brain a different kind of satisfaction. Physical accomplishment registers stronger than some mental exercises. Physical feels “real” versus a pat on the back from an imaginary friend. We trust what we can see, hear, smell, and touch.

The last sentence is something to remember as you write. Write hungry and your readers will stay engaged in your story. If you’re brain isn’t there, you’re readers’ attention will drift. Being in the right place when you sit down to write means that you can focus on giving them all the senses in each scene, and your readers won’t feel like you’re rushing through the story. Readers feel what you feel.

Skeptical? Write after you went out and paid attention to your surroundings. Write after you closed your eyes and listened. Look at writing you’ve done before. Your focus is the reader’s focus. Find your activity or brain trigger today, then sit down write. Look at old writing. Is there a difference?

Remember to comment and let me know where I can your prompt.  My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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