Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

The last day of the Minnesota State Fair is here but I had my fill of fried food on a stick. My long weekend was filled with running errands and accidents with a hot glue gun. After watching other artists create miniature models out of Amazon boxes, I was inspired to create wooden crates and a market stand for my miniature sculptures. Let’s just say the strings of glue that come out are hot enough to leave burn marks on your skin.

Despite the mishaps, I have a my market stall that’s doll house worthy.  It still needs a few coats of paint but I did learn some engineering skills with cardboard.  The only to-dos for the next few weeks is to fill my stall with miniature food the size of a quarter.

Because of my upcoming show on the 18th, my novel writing will have to wait.  I’m hoping to break the theme of delays after my last fall show.  I did manage to keep on my editing hat over my artist beret.  I made one big push last week to get through a 100 pages.  There are other deadlines to manage and they’re all important.  Three fellow writers are waiting for their big publishing day.  No pressure.  I only hope my experience helps them with the success of their book.

I’ve mentioned this before but after working with other writers and publishing books on platforms like Amazon, it can take 2-3 books before one of the takes off.  One of the authors I help didn’t see traction until they turned one of their books into an audio book on Audible.  Hours of recording and trying different methods paid off.  The small trickle turned into a steady stream. 

If you want to gain traction faster, then get onto TikTok or other social media and post away.  It’s okay to pay for the campaigns on Amazon because it increases the chances of your book being seen on one fo the biggest platforms. Same with Facebooks.

Remember, most people are going to be on social media on the weekends but you may want to pay more than $5 for a campaign because you’re competing for the words you buy. Should you pour all you’re money into those campaigns? I wouldn’t recommend it. It takes a few tries to find out which campaigns work the best. My social media likes went from 0 to a few thousand by posting on the weekends for 3 months. Will you get the same results? This depends on your content and genre.

Get closer to your writing goals with my Writer’s Journal filled with writing prompts and exercises. You can find a copy at https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Journal-Writing-Prompts-Notes/dp/B0931QRL7C.

~Yoon Ju

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