Saturday Alternate Worlds

This morning I woke up to my husband leaning over my face to tell me that he was going on a run.  He does this sometimes out of habit but also because I’ve told him to.  You know the mind of a writer.  To normal people waking up and finding the person you love missing means they got up early but this isn’t so for a writer who writes fantasies that take place in other worlds.  No this means that either he vaporized into to thin and behind some 3rd dimension and I need to find a way to bring him back, or this means that I woke up in some alternate universe where everything I know has changed.

Wiping the sleep out of my eyes I immediately get up and begin the hunt to find him.  He’s not at his desk, or in the shower.  He’s not watching YouTube.  I turn and look into the kitchen.  Nothing.  My head shakes – there’s no other explanation.  He’s either been abducted by special forces or he’s been sucked into another dimension.  Someone can’t just simply vanish without a trace and not tell me.

I wait for a few seconds and begin going through the rooms again.  Fear of abandonment runs through my head.  Then, I laugh like a cat personality.  No – I’m too valuable of a wife.  Several rooms later and there’s still no sign of him.  That proves that an alien ship landed and somehow decided he was worth experimenting on, right? 

Then, I realize that it’s too early and I stumble back to bed.  I stop and make a turn.  Better yet, I can have the TV to myself to watch my YouTube videos.  I occasionally, check the clock to see how many hours until I have to file a missing persons report.

After half an hour, I hear a key go into a door.  My head turns when he walks in.  He’s all sweaty.  He went for a run.  I shake my head and turn back to the TV.  My explanations are way better.

“Where were you?”  I ask even though it’s obvious with that kind of tone.  The kind that lets him know he forgot to tell me he was going for a run.

“I went for a run.”  He’s out of breath.

“Oh.”  Silence.  He knows what he forgot to do.

He walks over and tries to give me a sweaty kiss.  “I told you but you were sleeping.”

“Hump.”  I snort.  “No, you didn’t.”

“I did.”

I narrow my eyes as he passes by to peel off his wet clothes.  But is he really my husband?  Or is this some replacement from the body snatchers?

Yes, this is my mind.  And this is why he tells me where he’s going in the morning.

This was just a little Saturday fun to pass the time. Yes, I do really look for him if he’s not in bed when I wake up. My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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