Foodie Friday

The end of the week arrived in the blink of an eye after Labor Day, and I find myself more worn out than a regular week. Taking those few extra moments to relax over the weekend and get in some cat naps meant cramming everything into a few less days. I wrote about fall changes, and I find I have to make some lifestyle changes right away.

This week I experimented with a few new recipes and changed at least one meal to a veggie loaded salad. A recent visit to the doctor didn’t give me a good report. The shake of my doctor’s head meant I have to make some lifestyle changes. Being a foodie who watches other people indulge in delicious food, makes this a challenge. How do you get the same result without butter or salt?

Well, my amount of proteins will get leaner and I switched to olive oil spray. Any pats of butter are as thin as hair and there will be less red meat on my plate. The first few days of this week left me craving juicy loaded burgers and tortilla smothered enchiladas. I did manage to cook shrimp with crushed garlic, a spoonful of soy sauce, lemon juice, a sliver of butter, and spritzes of olive oil. The result surprised me.

My new trial created something tasteful and a little healthier than the usual douse of oil and butter. The fact that I didn’t add any sprinkles of salt to 1 bag of shrimp didn’t leave the main part of the meal bland. Of course, my new recipes will go into my own Favorite Recipe Journal. Yes, there is a reason that I spent all those months publishing journals – I use my prompts and want to record my recipe finds.

During this time, I’ll share any tasty finds that don’t clog the arteries or leave the little buds of the tongue bland. If you need to make the switch or are looking to lose weight, then I would try different ways of adding veggies and adding in ones that are new.

What was on my plate this week? Well, I make changes in small steps so that I don’t quit too early or feel stressed. I started with changing 1 meal a day. I followed the ideas of the Japanese diet – my salad is about adding as many colors to the plate through vegetables. I prepped them in one evening so that I wouldn’t use the excuse of not having time. This week my plate was filled with cook eggplant (olive oil spray only), shredded carrots, broccoli, lots of lettuce, cooked mushrooms, and 1/2 to 1 cup of baked chicken. Drizzle your favorite dressing at the end. You can also add unsalted coursely chopped nuts for crunch.

I’m working on new ideas for next week, I’ll share how this change goes. I can’t promise I won’t indulge on holidays or deny myself a weekly treat because let’s be real – I’m a foodie for a reason. Denying myself all things I love would only lead to failure of this new change.

My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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