Official InkTober 2021 Prompt List

Our first full week of October challenges is in full swing and today I’m sharing the Official InkTober 2021 Prompt list again for those visual learners.  Many of us have busy lives and if you want to do more than one or get caught up when you have time, you can look at the whole 31 days.  Remember, this list is for literary and art prompters who want to challenge themselves and develop their skills.  Getting better at our craft is the reason challenges started in October.

I imagine some of you sitting in front of your phone or computer with your pen in hand, ready to go.  No more waiting – the prompt for today is Raven.  Think about the image that pops into your head when you hear this word.  Do you even know the differences between a raven and a crow?  Well, google if you want a visual but ravens have bigger beaks, tail shape, and are bigger in size.

Because this is October, I’m picturing a black bird sitting on top of a grave stone.  I know.  Don’t ask but this is the mind of a writer.  In fact, I came across a funny TikTok of an author standing in front of a closet door.  It was about how burglars should beware of us because we’re the ones who write murder mysteries and horror in detail.  Imagine Stephen King opening the door on a criminal.  They might be the ones to run in fright.  This is my sense of humor but we’re probably better planners than they are and we’ve done more research.

Okay, the previous paragraph wasn’t meant to scare anyone but those who attempt to do harm to us.  Let your imagination unravel as we get into our prompts for the month.  May the ravens fly today.  Get posting.  Those who are posting their artwork – use the hashtag #Inktober and #inktober 2021.

My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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