October Challenges

The beginning October came in like a fury, and I found myself running around like Superwoman trying to do it all. The rain on Saturday didn’t deter me from going to craft and art event of another artist that my mother-in-law hosted. My husband and I drove through the buckets of heavy rain coming down on the highways all afternoon and my knuckles turned white but we made it. I smiled when we arrived with our wet hair because I like to support other creatives.

The trip to some wooded area in Anoka, Minnesota was well worth the miles. Passion Flower Studios or passionflowerstudios.com had artists and speakers talk about their work.  One small business owner presented interesting facts about bee keeping and current research being done.  We were also treated to a lunchbox sandwich and other yummy snacks as we browsed around the shelves.

Jewelry, handmade yarn pumpkins, soaps, plant hangers, and hand painted Christmas decorations lines the shelves.  There’s a different kind of energy inside of a room full of creative minds.  Conversations about new techniques, processes, and inspiration filled the air.  I took home a few pieces and we headed out in the rain again.

I could barely see the road at times but we made it to our next stop, the Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.  My months as a featured artist have come to an end and I had to pick up my pieces on their feature wall.  As usual, conversations with other artists went on for longer than planned.  Once we get going, you can’t stop our pouring out of ideas.  One of them has the same struggle as myself – having enough time for Inktober.

There’s a reason you may not see posts of my drawings every day but my goal is 31. I’ll share my progress as I go.  I was up late but I managed to get Day 1 completed.  The word prompt was Snail and Teddy Bear.  Why those two?  Practicing to words that don’t go together stretch your imagination and brain, and in one of my fantasy stories.  There will be cute bear-like creatures riding snails.

My first day of Inktober and trying a new medium was filled with “uh-oh”  and “oh-no” moments.  I managed to get one drawing done but the inking with markers – well that’s going to take time.  The so called blending that’s supposed to happen – didn’t, and I had to change the way I think about laying down colors.  I went from one line of color on the paper at a time to a filling in the whole area I wanted color then overlaying different tones to create shading.  My takeaway – once the color is down – it’s there permanently. 

Let’s just say that my first day of Preptober resulted in another trip to the art store to find more blendable markers, Copic Markers.  Hopefully, this will fix my background and make the rest of the month go a little smoother. 

My weekend is ending without enough time to get more inking done. I’m wondering why I entered the challenge but then I remember the feeling after the month is over. More work is done and it’s better than when I started. There has to be some pain before you grow.

For those who still don’t know what Inktober is, it was started by Jake Parker as a challenge to himself. His list for October of 2021 will serve as a prompt list for artist or anyone following my blog.

The official InkTober Prompt list for 2021 can be found at https://www.reddit.com/r/Inktober/comments/pft3s0/official_2021_inktober_prompt_list/.

Monday’s word prompt is Knot.

My posts are Monday through Friday.

Get closer to your writing goals with my Writer’s Journal filled with writing prompts and exercises. You can find a copy at https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Journal-Writing-Prompts-Notes/dp/B0931QRL7C.

~Yoon Ju

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