Inktober and Preptober are here!

Preptober is here!!!  I had another post ready to go when I did a 180 and changed my mind in what I’m going to do for Preptober.  I’ve had a goal of publishing another illustrated book so I’m going to use the month to focus on the scenes and writing for a graphic style novel.  I also have one more journal that’s been nudging me from the shadows that I’ve been waiting to publish.  Combining both forms of art may be the only solution to satisfying my two muses.

October is going to be the month of storytelling through illustration and inking. I put my pen to paper in the hope of sparking imagination and fantasy. My words that I’m combining for today are Snail and Teddy bear. I like combing two words that aren’t related to see what I can create.

Inking two unlike words started last night with micro pens. I still have work to do on inking but I will share once I complete each piece. Using the batching technique of other artists, you may get a series of drawings in one time but my goal by the end of the month is 31 illustrations.

Next month, I’m going to use what I learned from a class that I took at our Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I was called “Writing a book in 30 days”.  I’ll share what I learned, my feelings, and progress as I go through NaNoWriMo.

Those who need like writing prompts an use Snail and Teddy bear today!

Get ready for the switch in my posts.  Some of them may be rough and painful but double ink will be going down in the next few months.

My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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