Summer Writing

Living in Minnesota there’s a line on the highways as the weekend nears that lead to the many lakes throughout the State.  More campers and tents are visible as we try to reconnect with nature and escape the noise of the city.  Trails are filled with hikers, bikers, and explorers looking for exercise and thoseContinue reading “Summer Writing”

Inventing Words

Friday is here and it’s time to stretch our imagination. I’m borrowing from a top 10 writing prompt list from 2018. When the words we know fail us, it’s time to invent a new one. Some call these ghost words, and somewhere editors with with dictionary groups decide whether or not they will go intoContinue reading “Inventing Words”

Write A Scene Today

Standing on the edge of the rocks, their meeting place, she couldn’t tell the stars in the night sky from the earth. Both were mirrors of each other. The light from the moon flickered like a faulty nightlight. Her warm breath pushed out one small cloud when it hit the cold fall night. The hairsContinue reading “Write A Scene Today”

Words and Art

Show day is tomorrow at The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis at 12:30 pm. I’m excite not just for the weeks creating new art pieces but for the opportunity to have a simultaneous book signing opportunity. A return of regular books events has begun! I’ve impatiently waited for an event where readersContinue reading “Words and Art”

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Many Minnesotans are headed to their cabin at the lake to enjoy a long weekend. A procession of boat parades, hours of activities on the water, and nights by the campfire will be in full force as we reach melting temperatures again. Those who decide to stay in the cityContinue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Artistic Turmoil

The weekend is approaching and I’m feeling the pressure of deadlines.  I finished some promised pieces last weekend but this new piece promise is causing artistic turmoil.  Let’s just say my paint brush isn’t flowing as easily as my writing pen.  I’m officially feeling a new kind of “artist block”, and I’ve been here beforeContinue reading “Artistic Turmoil”

Finding Your Prompt

When you’re having writer’s block or under a deadline, do you have encouraging phrases to help get yourself started? I had to laugh at myself before I sat down to write because one of my phrases is, “Let it fly.” I’ve heard this from other speakers, or similar wording by other entrepreneurs in their bookContinue reading “Finding Your Prompt”

Deadlines and Roses

Deadlines and roses. My creative life is like planting a dozen rose bushes. I set deadlines or thorns for myself and sometimes the growing pains of getting there hurts. My gray matter is squeezed like a sponge over the dry ground around me. I soak up some more ideas and actions feel slow, they barelyContinue reading “Deadlines and Roses”

Building Your Library

Remember, summer reading clubs as children? Sometimes, we need to create our own summer camp and get through the list of books that we never finished. I know all of you have your own pile at home as story tellers, writers, and content creators. Let’s make a change this summer to get through our pileContinue reading “Building Your Library”

The Way Home

Yesterday, I was driving home with the sun shining through the window and as soon as I put my visor down large, wet drops started to plop onto my car.  I thought someone turned on a sprinkler nearby but no spouts poured out of the fire hydrants.  Umbrellas popped up out of nowhere.  Temperatures reachedContinue reading “The Way Home”

The Little Editor Who Could

I finished my last round of editing for my two authors last night before our next meeting this weekend and I need to point out the benefits and limits of spell check. The one button on Micro Soft Word that helps authors catch typos improves our writing as we work through our novels, and hasContinue reading “The Little Editor Who Could”

It’s a Circus Again!

To all my readers out there, I have come to the conclusion that I’m crazy. I put myself into another juggling act in the circus because I can’t shut off the creative side of my brain. I just signed myself up for creating new art pieces for July or August. The Art Shoppe in MidwestContinue reading “It’s a Circus Again!”