Publishing Announcement

We’re coming to the end of the month and I can’t keep one of my projects quiet. Over the past year, my journey started by creating prompts because I stopped writing. I published 5 novels in the past and then my unfinished novels sat in the corner but life happened. I started making excuses andContinue reading “Publishing Announcement”


I had a plan this weekend to work on my next project of creating a writing journal for writers to share prompts and exercises that I’ve shared over the past year, then my husband decided to he wanted his own space for his YouTube Channel. The room he wanted to change is the last roomContinue reading “ReDesigning”

Location Writing

Movie producers and actors take their stories onset and on location.  It’s time for our fantasy filled worlds to take shape by going on location this week at an Irish Castle.  Your writing prompt can take place in any kind of castle, even ruins of a castle but the story must take place in Ireland. Continue reading “Location Writing”

Story Telling Day!

Anyone have too many green beers yesterday?  My celebration quiet and at home like many other people this year.  No parades or festivities in Minnesota.  I did see a few TikTokers sharing their dances.  Maybe they had a few too many.   Another holiday for Minnesotans means we are one step away from shedding another layerContinue reading “Story Telling Day!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today, we are all Seanchai or old story tellers of Ireland as we celebrate March 17th together! Being a story teller of old lore means passing on family traditions and customs. Somewhere in my mom’s family lineage there a deed ownership of a castle, sold before the potato famine and a voyage to the UnitedContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Female Writers

This week is supposed to be full of green and four leaf clovers but the storm that dropped feet of snow in Colorado paid us a visit a day later in Minnesota. Temperatures dropped again and the snow fell late into the night. How am I supposed to find my pot of gold with snowContinue reading “Female Writers”

Character Development

Happy Friday!  I hope you were a good student and did your homework yesterday.  I spent hours working on my character profiles and flushing out their back stories.  More importantly, I spent time on asking why questions.  This exercise was inspired by Shaelin at Reedsy or  If you didn’t have time, or become aContinue reading “Character Development”

American Memories

Walking around in public places these days we are witness to all kinds of things. Sometimes, we encounter lunacy, joy, and ignorance. Being able to go to a social place, like the Mall of America, we meet people from all over the world but there’s always those few who will choose ignorance and hate. ThereContinue reading “American Memories”

Character Sheets

The keys are flying as I pour out all the thoughts I have about my characters, even if I wrote it before. This time there are flashes of colors, scents, and more ambitions. Exercising my own advice, my character sheets are growing. Doing this process over again has shed some blocks and confusion that IContinue reading “Character Sheets”

Character Sunshine

Characters are one shade of light in a dark room. – Daniel Greene Back to the grind.  The warm up in the Midwest must be affecting my brain like the rest of Minnesota.  Everyone is outside walking their pets.  I even saw one person carrying their cat who meowed the whole time but that’s anotherContinue reading “Character Sunshine”

Sunday Inspiration

Creating this blog is one of the best things I’ve done for my writing. The prompts and exercises that I share and use help develop a better story. Somehow, my wandering squirrel brain remembers where the nuts are buried, or at least provided a map to crafted the story we all dream of writing. Month-by-month,Continue reading “Sunday Inspiration”

Tedx Talks with Claudia Casper

Friday is here and what better way to procrastinate into the weekend than with watching more videos. No this isn’t a cat video – not that I have a playlist of them :). If your going to waste time avoiding writing, then do it write by following other writers or spend it learning something new.Continue reading “Tedx Talks with Claudia Casper”