Green Onion Day!

Here in the heart of the midwest my mind drifts to warm spring days. I never thought I would say that Minnesotans and Texans will never miss the Polar Vortex that visited this year. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of breaking records or having firsts because Mother Nature is more thanContinue reading “Green Onion Day!”

February Role Play

This weekend I devoted my time to creative projects and following-up on other like-minded individual online.  I thought about going into detail and depth when it comes to telling stories.  My note pages and thoughts focused on talking, thinking, seeing, and feeling like one of my characters.  If you feel like something is missing, orContinue reading “February Role Play”

Fantasy Writing & World Building

This week is about helping writers form the basic building blocks of their fantasy stories. At the beginning of the week, we went over romance in fantasy writing and we’ve covered letting your characters speak to convey the stories emotion and mood. The rest of the week is going to cover building the rest ofContinue reading “Fantasy Writing & World Building”

Side-Kick Friday

The weekend is here and there is snow in the forecast in the Midwest. Oh darn, I’ll just have to stay tucked inside working on my projects. My story is calling again. Last night, I thought about Dan Brown’s advice and I’m thinking about the side-kick or best friend that my character is missing. HereContinue reading “Side-Kick Friday”

Monday Thriller

A Weekend Thriller: Have you noticed a new trend these past few years of Halloween movies coming out in every month, except October?   Our love of the thriller has been around since we sat around the fire to tell stories during the cave days.   A story that can get our heart pumping continues to keepContinue reading “Monday Thriller”

Award Winning Creative

This week I was treated to a private concert with singer, songwriter, and broadway star, Morgan James. I was the recipient of the Spirit Award from my company, Canon. I’m proud to be a part of Corporate Job. Why haven’t I made the transition? The question isn’t valid. I like what I do and I’mContinue reading “Award Winning Creative”

January Writing Challenge Day #9

January Writing Challenge Day #9 Another winter storm is here in Minnesota before the weekend and I’m sitting at my desk with a new Turkish movie, “Hot Sweet Sour”, in the background. Picture a foreign version of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” but with more serious music and lines. A five year promise before best friendsContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #9”

January Writing Challenge Day #6

A new week is here and I started my day with in the car this morning. Having the option of listening to my favorite reads during long drives is a saving grace. I can still stay caught up with my favorite authors, and use my time wisely. I also like to think listening bringsContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #6”

January Writing Challenge Day #5

January Writing Challenge Day #5 The first week of the New Year is coming to an end and my resolution to Just Write is underway.  Remaining disciplined has good days and bad days but pushing myself is easier because of the monthly challenges that I started last year.  My change in direction for my introductionContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #5”

January Writing Challenge #4

January Writing Challenge Day #4 Winter in the Midwest can make you want to curl into a blanket and forget the world.  Today, I had a choice between being comfortable and writing.  Writing won again and I managed to type our a few more paragraphs for my introduction change. Was it anything grandiose or thousandsContinue reading “January Writing Challenge #4”

January Writing Challenge Day #3

January Writing Challenge Day #3 A TikTok is echoing in my head right now and I’m asking – are we supposed to know what we’re doing?  No. Okay.  As I work on a new chapter, I stopped and asked myself, “Where am I going with this?”   Sometimes, I laugh at our lives as authors.Continue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #3”

January Writing Challenge Day #2

January Writing Challenge Day #2 I’m sitting in another hotel room with pillows and my laptop in the middle of the night.  Maybe I should call this month writing in the moonlight.  Days are busy with all kinds of things on my list to get done but I made a promise to myself this monthContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #2”