Miniature Worlds

Imagine living in a miniaturized world where everything shrinks down to the size of a dime. Last night, I spent hours sculpting croissants and donuts in that world. I felt like I entered a bakery filled with pink frosting and sprinkles. Creating smaller than life size food made me think about classic children’s stories andContinue reading “Miniature Worlds”

Night In the Jungle

Walking alone in the woods late at night can play on our fears. What if you lived in the jungle near large predators? What if you became the hunted?  Here is today’s haunting jungle prompt.  Write about a jungle cat for 5-10 minutes and share.  My post is below. In the shadows of the tallContinue reading “Night In the Jungle”

Tuesday Catnip

Today’s writing prompt is creating a theme from yesterday – cats.  They have tons of views online, and we can’t get enough to.  Well what happens when one of them decides to adopt you?  Today’s prompt is on Catnip.  Write for 5-10 minutes.  My results are below – undedited. Julia opened the door of herContinue reading “Tuesday Catnip”

Monday Quiet Time

Our lives always get so busy with running errands, packing for the cabin, and planning outdoor barbecues that we forget to plan quiet time.  This is more than just napping on the sofa.  Creating a quiet space to relax or spend time with someone you love is important. At this point in my live, IContinue reading “Monday Quiet Time”

Memes and TikToks

The end of July is a day away and I feel like a TikTok. I have a long to-do list but you know what I did – “I took a nap”. Yes, all those on TikTok can hear the music playing in the background. I closed my eyes last night before dinner and woke upContinue reading “Memes and TikToks”

Show Time!

Ever have one of those days that feel out of sync? The morning started out normal but unexpected phone calls started coming in around lunch time. Everyone decided to be chatty and call to follow-up in one day. Time went by quickly but those few minutes meant sitting in traffic on the way to runContinue reading “Show Time!”

Writing Up A Storm

Temperatures are back up into the 90s as we move into the last month of the summer in Minnesota.  When the wind blows it’s like sucking up hot cotton into your mouth.  You heave it back out and do a little gasp for relief.  Stops for a cool drink, ice cream, and anything cold becomeContinue reading “Writing Up A Storm”

Writing Prompt: The Green Dinosaur

I just purchased a book of another children’s author and somehow she’s mastered the art of rhyming.  Her main character is a dinosaur.  How many of you have tripped over stuffed animals or Legos when you wake up and stumble to the coffee machine?  Today, we are going to trip over a green dinosaur.  ThisContinue reading “Writing Prompt: The Green Dinosaur”

End of Month Update

We are back to city life at the beginning of a new week and we are at the last week of the month.  I’m thinking about our Minnesota State Fair this year and because we didn’t have it last year, I’m willing to brave the crowds to attend again in August. It’s hard to believeContinue reading “End of Month Update”

Day #3 At the Cabin

The arrival of the weekend is perfect for writing prompt Day #3 at the cabin. Many of us are watching the clock like we’re at the launch pad of all the rockets this week. We’re ready to leave the city and head to our cabins. Why not use this as an opportunity to write aContinue reading “Day #3 At the Cabin”

Summer Writing Day #2

Gray stood on the end of the dock, swaddled in her grandmother’s quilt. Her eyes closed under her wild morning hair and her lips spread into a smile. Through her eyelids she saw the orange glow of the sun rising on the other side of the lake. Midst was rising off the calm waters. SheContinue reading “Summer Writing Day #2”

Summer Writing

Living in Minnesota there’s a line on the highways as the weekend nears that lead to the many lakes throughout the State.  More campers and tents are visible as we try to reconnect with nature and escape the noise of the city.  Trails are filled with hikers, bikers, and explorers looking for exercise and thoseContinue reading “Summer Writing”