Sidekick Day!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving when I looked down in the giant grocery store freezer to realize they were all out.  This was my experience the other day when I sent out to fill my shopping list and the $0.87 sale meant someone took the last turkey.  I should have known when they had aContinue reading “Sidekick Day!”

Holiday Cheer

The rounds of editing continue as I work on getting a manuscript back to authors before Thanksgiving. Another plate is spinning because my other author just returned his back cover summary for review. I can keep a few plates spinning at the same time, right? Well, those of you who follow my blog, you knowContinue reading “Holiday Cheer”

Monday Update

My weekend started out with a surprise “yes” to a shopping trip by my husband. He didn’t mind going out to look for some overdue new clothes. He’s the kind of man that I have to remind to buy new socks and underwear, or I have to do it for him because being holy doesn’tContinue reading “Monday Update”

Winter Wonderland

This week has been filled with drizzle the past few days and the Minnesota dread set in at the start of this weekend. I actually saw the s—— word in the forecast. I don’t know about you but I left those spaces blank for a reason and I do call the winter weather word aContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

Social Media Star

Just a few more days to the weekend and excitement is the air for fellow authors. The two soon to be new authors I’m helping just informed me that they’re getting their website ready for launch day! After I finish a few more rounds of proofs, it’s time to help new authors with the hardestContinue reading “Social Media Star”

Break Time!

Did you go out and howl at the moon last night? Are your word counts going up or staying flat? I think I need to lock my art supplies away during this month. It’s great to be creative but sometimes having other options are just like feeling the need to clean my home when I’mContinue reading “Break Time!”

Howl At The Moon

Tonight, I think I’m going to stand outside and howl at the moon. Maybe some neighborhood dogs will join me. I’m sorry but an annoyed neighbor would only make me do it again. And they do have furry friends. If they ask, because I don’t have a dog, I can say I was trying toContinue reading “Howl At The Moon”

Daylight Savings Time

Sunday I woke up and thought I slept in later than usual and it took me until 2:00 pm to realize that we gained an hour last night. Yes, Daylight Savings Time happened without me knowing. The question is will I remember to change the clock on my car dash this year. Maybe I shouldn’tContinue reading “Daylight Savings Time”

The Day Job

Are you an aspiring writing who still has a day job? Well, you’re not alone. There are a lot of self published and contracted writers who have another job to support their lifestyles. Online platforms are making more of dreams come true but it’s still only a small percent of us. Besides, some of usContinue reading “The Day Job”

Winter Writing Blues

The colder temperatures up North have crept in over the past few weeks and my body feels it every year. Weather changes equal the yuck. I curled up in my blankets but not to enjoy the start of the Holiday season. It’s because my body goes into denial every time we move into a newContinue reading “Winter Writing Blues”

Day #3 of NaNoWriMo

All things need time. I have to say the break from my novel might have been a good thing. I left the piece feeling like I was paddling around in a circle. That circle was called the introduction. I wrote, and rewrote. Nothing sat right. Everything I ended the intro, I moved onto the nextContinue reading “Day #3 of NaNoWriMo”

Return of the Novel!

Does pulling a Cinderella count before Midnight? Yes, I had a few hours to go before the clock struck midnight and I finally made it to my keyboard. The important thing is not the full Monday crash that happened around dinner time with the sniffles. Maybe it was the sight of our first flurries. ThisContinue reading “Return of the Novel!”