One At a Time!

I don’t know about you but I was dragging at the beginning of the week and my mind didn’t want to focus on getting work done. All of the excitement over the weekend drained me and my attempt to catch up on my rest in one day wasn’t enough. I went for a walk inContinue reading “One At a Time!”

My Miniature World

All the creating for this past weekend’s outdoor event has increased my appetite for all things Halloween.  My miniature world turned to holiday set building.  Thank you to all those who stopped by my table.  What they didn’t see was a very late night packing up pieces, and a pile of those I couldn’t bringContinue reading “My Miniature World”

End of Month Update

We are back to city life at the beginning of a new week and we are at the last week of the month.  I’m thinking about our Minnesota State Fair this year and because we didn’t have it last year, I’m willing to brave the crowds to attend again in August. It’s hard to believeContinue reading “End of Month Update”

Day 22 of NaNoWriMo

Day #22 of NaNoWriMo – Thanksgiving Traditions Saturday is here and I’m making progress toward next week.  My exercise yesterday worked out some road blocks but I’m still making up my mind on the type of creature they run into on the way to Ely, Minnesota. Writing a book is similar to cooking and makingContinue reading “Day 22 of NaNoWriMo”