Day 22 of NaNoWriMo

Day #22 of NaNoWriMo – Thanksgiving Traditions

Saturday is here and I’m making progress toward next week.  My exercise yesterday worked out some road blocks but I’m still making up my mind on the type of creature they run into on the way to Ely, Minnesota.

Writing a book is similar to cooking and making Thanksgiving dinner.  You need the right ingredients and seasonings to make the best dishes.

Many of us are using recipes and techniques that are part of our family history.  But not all of us have Grandma’s oven or mom’s touch.  So, we make substitutes and change temperature settings.  We change techniques because we have better utensils and automated appliances.  

Some of people won’t touch the original recipe but it still becomes your own.  It’s your hands, and now your tradition.

Writers are the same.  We use techniques and recipes for crafting our stories but the point is to make it our own.  Details are the ingredients for setting the mood and putting together the scenery for the reader until we have our story.

After everything comes out of the oven, we have our finished dinner.  It doesn’t always work the first time but we try it again and again until we get it right.

One of my ingredients includes a fictional creature that appears in a real Minnesotan town and part of me asks, will they be offended?  What would Laura Ingalls Wilder think? Then, I laugh. We have Pepie of Lake Pepin.  People love Lochness.  Maybe, I’m creating a famous lake monster of the future for Minnesota.

This little Bavarian town is getting it’s own story mascot.  Let’s see where my imagination leads this afternoon.

Happy writing out there!

~Yoon Ju

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