Day #23 NaNoWriMo

Day #23 of NaNoWriMo – Small Town Writing

My fingers are on the keyboard and I’m working on my novel again.  I find that my story drifted away from the mood I wanted to create.  My setting is all about small towns and getting beneath the surface of what we don’t see or hear when we’re driving through them.  Add in some nocturnal humans that shape shift into wild animals and you have a twist.  
Dealing with life as a human is complicated enough but add in growing pains and being more than human is another ingredient can complicate things.  The small town was originally founded by a shifter who sold the shed coats of his tribe to the first French fur traders in Minnesota.  

They never stopped humans from migrating and settling in their town and they’ve had their share of “witch trials” and accusations.  There’s been prejudice on both sides.  Shifter and human relationships needed to be approved by the town council.  Due to our movies and event throughout history, shifters aren’t allowed to tell the humans living there who they are until the council approves.

Times change and people fall in love.  A new joint Council squeaked into motion last year and old tensions rose again.  The success of the new Council depends on the progress of this year’s test to work together.  There are those that appose and agree with the decision.  
Things didn’t get off to a great start.  There’s been a few humans and shifters turning up dead.  Accusations are flying.  Is this an attempt to stop the joint Council from succeeding?  Which side is responsible?  

Enter in Katja, a graduate of wolf biology.  She’s the first human to join a group of shifter researchers.  But she’s not there to worry about alliances or take sides.  She only applied because she believes it’s the last place her father was seen alive.

To be continued…

~Yoon Ju

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