Monday Update

My weekend started out with a surprise “yes” to a shopping trip by my husband. He didn’t mind going out to look for some overdue new clothes. He’s the kind of man that I have to remind to buy new socks and underwear, or I have to do it for him because being holy doesn’t phase him. After a few new pieces of clothing for Thanksgiving, we sat down for a warm meal to fulfill my craving for shrimp fettuccine. My husband had to finish what was left in my bowl but I was left full of buttery biscuits and all the pasta I wanted.

I was all prepared to snuggle up and write this weekend but a bug that’s been going around other people I’ve been around decided to appear this weekend. The only thing I did this weekend was listen to my new audio book, A Shadow in the Ember, by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is a fantasy romance has a strong female character that has real moments and vulnerabilities. There are times when the romance gets a little graphic but the language doesn’t get too extreme list other steamy reads. I would say the author has a way of stringing together words in a few ways that I’ve taken note of and written down.

Some writers don’t read other books while they work on their own novels but maybe having a fresh book doesn’t hurt because you can take note of what you like and don’t like without having to think too far back. All those lines you love – remember to write them down or take notes. Audible lets you clip and save your favorite spots. Keep them for future prompts and times when you’re looking for a better way to put your own words together.

I think I might take a timeout to do a quick prompt on the Minnesota weather. The cities lucked out and only received a light dusting this weekend. The S word didn’t bury us this time and I didn’t have to remember how to drive again. I should get back to my to-do items.

Speaking of things to do, how is your writing going this month? I have a feeling my fingers will be in frenzy as we get closer to the end of the month. I’ve wondered if I could count books that aren’t mine in NaNoWriMo because my word count involves helping other authors get published. Okay, maybe you said “no”. In that case, I better get back to writing.

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~Yoon Ju

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