Holiday Cheer

The rounds of editing continue as I work on getting a manuscript back to authors before Thanksgiving. Another plate is spinning because my other author just returned his back cover summary for review. I can keep a few plates spinning at the same time, right? Well, those of you who follow my blog, you know this is normal.

I just wish I could pull the reins on the clock because the weeks during Holiday season always seem to go a little too quickly. I guess that’s why I had my Christmas tree and some decorations up the night of Halloween. There’s nothing wrong a little mix of both before midnight.

Yes, I’ve turned my lights on before Thanksgiving because I would like two months of Christmas. It’s about more than the presents and shopping. I just love being around the spirit of Christmas. This is the time when some people can turn more generous and children remember what it’s like to dream that anything is possible. Some adults even remember the same dream.

Fiction can get more elaborate and fantasy can come alive. Writers dream about all those things in romance novels coming true. Does everyone’s dream come true during this time? No, holiday season can leave some people feeling the most lonely they’ve felt but we all still want to wake up with what we really wished for under our tree. Some people who don’t even believe in Santa might wish he was real for once.

Think about it. This is the season when we can make someone’s dream come true. I talked to my husband about doing something memorable this year, like a random act of kindness when we’re out and about. Years before, we’ve also donated to different groups or causes. I hope this part of the blog is contagious so that you spread some more of the holiday spirit regardless of your beliefs.

Remember, when you were having a rotten day and had the feeling that you’ve met every bad person in the last 24 hours? Turn it around by being the one good person in your day. Then, share it with someone else. The world wouldn’t survive with all bad, but it does survive with some good.

Okay, I’ve spread my thoughts of holiday cheer for one day! I’ll let you get back to typing.

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