Day #3 of NaNoWriMo

All things need time. I have to say the break from my novel might have been a good thing. I left the piece feeling like I was paddling around in a circle. That circle was called the introduction. I wrote, and rewrote. Nothing sat right. Everything I ended the intro, I moved onto the nextContinue reading “Day #3 of NaNoWriMo”

Return of the Novel!

Does pulling a Cinderella count before Midnight? Yes, I had a few hours to go before the clock struck midnight and I finally made it to my keyboard. The important thing is not the full Monday crash that happened around dinner time with the sniffles. Maybe it was the sight of our first flurries. ThisContinue reading “Return of the Novel!”

February Walk Down Main Street

The weather in Minnesota is finally above 0 but I’m still a freeze baby living up North.  Taking my own advice, I need to return to my working on my novel instead of things like – blogging or tic toking about a writer’s life.  Refocusing, I thought I would try another exercise today.  I’m goingContinue reading “February Walk Down Main Street”