Pen Pals

What would this week be without some Writer’s Block help? I remember working on a story that I was going to set in San Francisco about a decade ago and the storyline was falling flat. I had piles and piles of dialogue that lead absolutely nowhere. This was supposed to be about a romantic chase,Continue reading “Pen Pals”

Living the Life of a Writer

Yesterday, our golden week came to an end with my husbands birthday. Our birthdays are five days apart and we spend time celebrating together. This year our gifts spread out over several days and we made excuses for one more birthday dinner. I’ve come to one conclusion after this experience, we all need more thanContinue reading “Living the Life of a Writer”

Doodling Your Story!

Another week is here and how is everyone doing with their writing goals? I’m working on an Inspirational Journal and on project #4. My goal is to create ways for different kinds of creatives to write down their own processes to have a resource library. I didn’t think I would go down this publishing avenueContinue reading “Doodling Your Story!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday is finally here and my post for today is dedicated to the mother’s in my life.  First is the woman who cared enough about my life to choose to give birth to me, and second is the woman who choose to become my mother through adoption.  Both women were needed to give birth toContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Foodie Writing Prompt!

I woke up this morning and I’m feeling the after effects of my birthday dinner last night.  My belly was stuffed with charcoal grilled Galbi or marinated Korean short rib and Bulgogi Pajeon (meat package).  I went to sleep and dreamt of Korean side dishes that filled an entire table top.  Can you tell that Continue reading “Foodie Writing Prompt!”

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Tips

Tuesday is all about helping other writers problem solve when it comes to publishing their books on one of the largest platforms, Amazon. Who knew this little website would go from selling used books into a commerce beast for creatives and independent businesses. Inside of the warehouses are the hopes and dreams of millions ofContinue reading “Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Tips”

Review of Shadow and Bone

What were you doing over the weekend? Just when I thought all was lost and the last episode of the week ended I new series popped up on the screen. For those looking for a new fantasy series, then I would recommend Shadow and Bone. This show is set in a fictional world at warContinue reading “Review of Shadow and Bone”