Foodie Writing Prompt!

I woke up this morning and I’m feeling the after effects of my birthday dinner last night.  My belly was stuffed with charcoal grilled Galbi or marinated Korean short rib and Bulgogi Pajeon (meat package).  I went to sleep and dreamt of Korean side dishes that filled an entire table top.  Can you tell that  too many days passed since my last taste of Korean food?  I’ve been thinking of my birthday dinner since Sunday. 

Since I’m talking about food – you know what time it is!  It’s time for a writing prompt.  When was the last time you had a memorable meal?  Do you remember who was with you?  Do you have photos on your Instagram? 

Today, is for all my foodies out there.  Write for 5-10 minutes until drool begins to drip from the corners of your mouth.  This is the one day I encourage everyone to rewrite after their first attempt.  Your goal today is to challenge yourself with imagery and ways to help your reader smell, taste, and sit in the scene with your characters.

My 5-10 Minutes – raw:

The golden bell above the door as a new customer walked in and a warm summer breeze brushed past my nose.  All the heads turned to look at her as she flipped her long, chestnut hair.  All the locals took an extra second at this out of place newcomer.  Her cherry lips reminded him of the sugar dusted sweet of the day.  She was more than homemade.  She looked like she belonged under glass in her 2 inch blue velvet heels and designer jeans that hugged her curves just right around the hips. 

Ed’s lip twitched as he sipped his hot coffee and his eyes dipped back behind his cowboy hat.  That spring bell flower that sat down next him didn’t have any business stopping in a town like this.  His nose tickled with cherry blossoms and violets as he set down his cup.  Damn.  His insides groaned and he moved his body away from her.  Did she know how dangerous she was?

Her delicate hand lifted one of the napkins off the counter and sat quietly on her lap like some kind of privilege.  He didn’t know if he should tip his had or bow at the woman who sat tall her chair.  Her lip pushed out just in time for him to catch her blow a loose strand of hair back. 

Eyes the color of her hair flitted up and the corner of her mouth lifted up.  The look she sent him pushed all the air out of his lungs.  His mind fuzzed over and started to drift into the curve of her neck.  He stopped just above her collar line. 

“Did ya miss?”

He blinked up.  “Pardon miss?”

She let out a sweet coo and set her hand on his.  Her breasts moved toward him and he didn’t dare look down now.  He blinked again and felt his face turn a shade darker. 

“Ma’am?”  He tipped his hat and she laughed again. 

“Ya don’t remember me?”  Those sweet lips frowned at him.  “I remember you.  You used to pull my pigtails.”  She paused and leaned into his ear.  “Egg.” 

His brain took a few more seconds until he caught the whisper.  “Jo?”  Images of the cherub faced girl used to follow him around like he was sun made him lean back. 

“I used to love you more than my own brother.”  She let out a giggle and turned toward the counter.  “I’ll take a coke and some of that cherry pie Miss Grace.” 

“You got it darlin’.”  Grace winked at her niece.  She looked at him with a look of warning before she turned away to fetch the order. 

He just stared at his best friend’s little sister.  She was the best friend deal breaker.  Dangerous territory.  He should notice but he couldn’t stop himself.  He shook his head and looked back into his coffee. 

“Don’t you remember the last thing we spoke about?” 

“Nope.”  He smiled into his coffee as he took another sip.

She nudged his side.  “You do.  You promised you would marry me if I came back to town and you were still single when I graduated from college.” 

He shook his head.  “Nope.  Don’t remember that at all.” 

Her lips pouted over at him.  “I heard it didn’t work out with Annabelle.  She married some business man in California.” 

“Did you?”  He stood up and set out a few bills on the counter.  He tipped his hat.  “Grace.”  He nodded to her and paused.  “Good to see you again Jo.”  He tipped his hat toward her one last time before he hurried to the door. 

He saw her reflection in the window.  Those brown eyes almost changed his mind before he shook his head with the bell.  She was forbidden territory.  Good thing she didn’t know he was coming over for dinner tonight.  Even better that her brother was out town until next week.

That’s all for today.  Good luck on your writing.

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~Yoon Ju

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